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Keep employees productive

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How do you motivate your employees? What methods do you suggest to keep employees happy and productive? How important are financial incentives? Share your comments about motivating employees, as discussed in the June 3 Government IT e-newsletter.If you haven't subscribed to our free Government IT e-newsletter, sign up today!

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Do we work for the same government?

by steven.jackson In reply to Keep employees productive

I have had the occasion to work 60+ hours frequently. I know many employees who travel 50-90% of the time. Security? We downsized by 70% and assume the rest of us will be contracted out by 2005.
You think buying pzza is what we want!?
No it's easier than that - and yes, I will take the money.
1. respect. governemnt employees don't get it from their managers. I have more years in technology than 90% of contractors but my opinion counts for nothing in comparison. I worked hard to build my skills.
2. A fair shake. Contractors get better specs, lenient time frames, etc. If you are government - find your own requirments - just get it down, now.
3. trust. I have to account for scratching my head.
4. Competent management. Why don't we hireMBA's or experienced management. We don't need to contract out the workers, just the management.
5. Lovin. Where is my lovin? Contractors are appluaded for failure. I fix their crap and just hear how the contractor developed the system. I want somelovin.

I don't want pizza or polite conversation. Just treat me right - and yeah, I'll take the money.

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Good Management for All Govt. Depts.

by lstevea In reply to Keep employees productive

I know that you are targeting IT as a specific group. And yes, sjackson has valid points.
Competent, polished, caring management benefits all government agencies and departments not just I.T..
After 20 years with IBM, I went to work for Govt. first as a contractor, later as an appointed official and ended up as a classified employee.

I have observed that in far too many cases management, promoted from within, recieves far too little management training. The end result is poor or non-management due to fear, frustration, pressure from above coupled with restrictive rules and regs. from above and from a namby pamby national culture.

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