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keep getting diverted to a sales website

By kbias ·
This is the second time I have placed this question, I got two messages saying that my question had been answered but when I clicked on the link, there were no answers there. PLEASE HELP !! - I'm going completely mad with this problem. I am on XP system. Somehow a website called "www.shopathomeselect" has implanted itself onto my system and keeps diverting me to their website instead of where I want to go. I use eBay often and that's when it seems to happen the most. Say I plug in onto my address line, it takes me to "shopathomeselect" this also happens if I just hit the eBay icon on my desktop as well. It also diverts me from when I want other sites, but mainly ebay for some reason. How the **** do I get this bloody site off my computer ?? - today I was merely trying to revise an ebay listing I have and it kept sending me to that website instead. It's driving me bananas !!!

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by CG IT In reply to keep getting diverted to ...

download spybot search and destroy. run it, then run the immunize program. Sound like you have spyware on your machine.

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by TheChas In reply to keep getting diverted to ...

Another alternative is to download and run AdAware from
Make sure to check for updates. I just installed AdAware on a friends PC yesterday, and there was an update.

As to the TR notices, it can take up to 2 hours from the time you are notified until the time a response is visible.

Also, you have to log into the TR site before it will take you to your question or answers.


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by Joseph Moore In reply to keep getting diverted to ...

Yeah, it is probably spyware, so go with the suggestions DR and Chas provided.

If that doesn't totally help, something I have recently found that is really useful for determining IE problems is HijackThis. A program that analyzies IE and can fix things like spyware infection. You can get HijackThis here:

And a tutorial of HijackThis is here:

Lastly, if none of that works, check out your HOSTS file. On XP, that file will be in the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc directory.
Open My Computer and go to that location. Then open the file called HOSTS; double-click it and a window comes up asking what program to open it with. Choose Notepad to open HOSTS.
The look for an entry for Ebay or any other site that takes you to this other website. It might look like this:

If you see that, then what is happening is your HOSTS file was hijacked to falsely redirect the Ebay website to this other IP address. This 199 address I posted above is for
You can fix your HOSTS file just by putting a # symbol in front of the incorrect entry. So, if you have the above entry in your HOSTS file, just add a #, then save the HOSTS file, and it will all be OK.
Some viruses have been stealing Ebay and redirecting it to other websites, using HOSTS redirection.
You see, the HOSTS file is used by your computer to resolve website addresses to the real IP addresses that are the actual locations for websites. So, if you put a FALSE entry in a HOSTS file, you can redirect any website to anywhere you want.
This could be your problem.
But, go with the other suggestions first, before you start changing HOSTS file.

hope this helps

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by BraveLittleToaster In reply to keep getting diverted to ...

No problem,

Adaware and Spybot are both great programs to rid of spyware, but what you have is a third party program installed in IEs Help file directory. To stop this from operating, Open Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options. Click on the advanced tab and uncheck "Enalbe third party extensions". This should keep the program from chnging your homepage. I alos recommend runing both Adaware and Spybot BEFORE you reboot your machine. Best of Luck

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