keep losing HDD's using windows 7

By diskaus ·
I am having trouble with my HDD's (1 sata 230gb Western Digital, 1 sata Samsung 1Tb, 1 Seagate ide 40gb) in windows 7 (fresh install ) previously windows Xp. I am able to get into windows ok but have trouble with the other drives, I managed to get the ide drive recognised until I install the Samsung sata installed (sometimes recognised sometimes not)All drives and straps work fine as they pick up in another systemm ok.
My system is an asus 3gb intel with 2gb ram running windows 7.
Your help on this very frustrating matter would be appreciated.

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Check your motherboard manual.

by seanferd In reply to keep losing HDD's using w ...

You may be using the SATA connectors in a non-optimal order.

Also, get the drive diagnostic software for each of your drives from the relevant vendors and run the tests. A drive on its way to failure may be borking the whole system.

Did the Win 7 upgrade advisor say that the system was fully compatible with 7? Do you need to update any of the drivers (esp. board and controller drivers)?

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You may be using the SATA connectors in a non-optimal order.

by diskaus In reply to Check your motherboard ma ...

Sata drives are in thier correct order on the board.After loss of power last night and then re-starting the system I found that the Samsung sata drive would not pick up but was there before loss of power.
Windows 7 is a fresh clean install not upgrade.
I have downloaded the diagnostic software from samsung and yet to try it, but is difficult to do if the drive is not being picked up in the bios on roll over at startup.
All drivers are updated except for display driver none available.

Motherboard is Asus P5s800 VM

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RE: Sata drives are in their correct order on the board.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to You may be using the SATA ...

How do you know this and more importantly what is the BIOS Set to here?

ASUS M'Boards have a Option for RAID so you need to make sure that you are not connecting drives in a SATA Connector only used when you are using a RAID Array.

Also what is the BIOS Set to here for SATA Drives RAID or Enabled?

Also as ASUS doesn't support 7 for this M'Board are you sure that it is compatible with Windows 7 in any form?

The Full Manual is available here but to be perfectly Honest ASUS doesn't supply any Information on Windows 7 for this M'Board in either 32 or 64 Bit versions.


I think that is your biggest problem here though.


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"Windows 7 is a fresh clean install not upgrade."

by seanferd In reply to You may be using the SATA ...

Not what I asked.

"but is difficult to do if the drive is not being picked up in the bios on roll over at startup."

Then this has absolutely nothing to do with Windows. Drivers would be irrelevant as well.

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Well for starters

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to keep losing HDD's using w ...

Westeren Digital Data Life Guard Diagnostics is available here


Seatools for Seagate is available here


And Samsung Utility ES Tool is available here


As stated above download these 3 utilities and test the drive that it works with to confirm correct Function. If a Drive is on it's way to Silicon Heaven it can cause screwy problems like the one you have described here.

Also check your M'Board Manual for the correct Placement of SATA Connectors on the M'Board. Some ASUS M'Boards have a paired set of SATA Connectors to use as a RAID Array and when you connect different drives to these they can cause them to disappear.

Also check your BIOS to make sure that the SATA Setting isn't set to RAID as this can cause a SATA Drive to disappear as it's being used in some sort of RAID Array and is no bigger than the smallest drive in that Array.

If the HDD fails the test remove it and retest in another computer. If it still fails the test it's gone or is on it's way to Silicon Heaven but if it passes the Second Test the Power Supply, Data Lead or M'Board in your computer needs attention so that the computer can work correctly.

If you no longer have your M'Board manual you can download it from ASUS here


Just enter the Model Number and select Manual from the Drop Down list below the Model Number and then click on Search.

If your ASUS M'Board is a Special made for a company like HP, Dell or so on then you need to go to that Companies Web Site for the M'Board/System Manual as ASUS doesn't support these Specials.

edited for clarity I hope.

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Oxides of Nitrogen

by santeewelding In reply to Well for starters

Check that, too.

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No not at all

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Oxides of Nitrogen

Fertilizer is a good thing.

I still remember a Electric Typewriter that grew ferns quite well. Of course it didn't do the Typewriter any good but the ferns grew quite well on the Circuit Board in it.


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Fertilizer, LOL.

by seanferd In reply to No not at all

Those would be Nitrides of Hydrogen. With real Ammonia Flavoring.

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you say they work in another system . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to keep losing HDD's using w ...

is that after the power failure or before

if you can see them in another system after the fact

then the power failure took out your MB disk controller

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Have you removed this drive

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to you say they work in anot ...

And tested it in another system.

If it works there then yes the Power Failure most likely did some damage.


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