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Keeping all Emails - What do others do

By Jessica Lynn ·

Here's the situation. My company is looking for a way to save all inbound and outbound emails to specific individuals (or domains). I'm looking for a solution that is easily searchable.

What do other companies do? We're about 35 people but heavy in the pc area.


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by tbragsda In reply to Keeping all Emails - What ...

What you using for PO? I had to do this, and with GroupWise, used GWTools GWArchive. Just saw the Sony Intradyn ComplianceVault e-mail archive device (Retail ~10,000).

If its for compliance, let me know. I have done some work with this issue, and would be happy to email you some of the info.


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compliance appliance solution (email archiving)

by ArchiveItAll In reply to Compliance?

Yes, the solution mentioned is the ComplianceVault Email
Archiving & Retrieval appliance from www.I It's a
simple, plug-and-play solution (10-min setup) that indexes and
archives all email to both disk and Sony AIT WORM tape.
Searching is super-fast, and it has auditing functions, too. It
works on any network, with virtually any email system (any IMAP
or POP3). It's available in a 1U rackmount version that's bundled
with a SONY AIT tape library, through Sony's solution providers
(that bundle starts around $12K). But it's also available in a
smaller form-factor, standalone model, which has a single Sony
AIT tape drive, starting at only $6995 -- through Intradyn's
reseller network. Plenty of info at the Intradyn site.

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Document management system

by AV . In reply to Keeping all Emails - What ...

I use Imanage Mailsite(now called Interwoven) to save important emails. The emails are all full-text indexed and easily searchable. Its expensive though if that is all you would need it for. There are cheaper document management systems, like Worlddox, but I'm not sure they all work with email.

I also archive emails through Outlook. Generally I would do this if someone left the company and had lots of miscellaneous email. The search capability in Outlook really isn't that robust, but it would work. I'm not sure what email system you are using, but they all have some kind of archive capability.

Its important to have some kind of email retention policy for compliance reasons because of the Sarbanes-Oxley act, SOX for short. Some companies opt to not save emails after a certain date because you can be forced to produce them in the event of some kind of legal action.

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by robdew In reply to Keeping all Emails - What ...

It really depends on why you want to do this. If there is some legal compliance issues you need a real supported solution.
We simply wanted to capture all mail for a combination of individual item recoverability and the ability to retrieve messages that are sent and deleted before a backup is made. It is also a form of off-site backup.
We implemented Exchange journaling and configured the journal mailbox to be a contact with a Gmail address. When the account fills up, just create another.

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that's interesting

by Jessica Lynn In reply to Keeping all Emails - What ...

The Gmail option. I don'think that would work with us, we have some confidentiallity agreements with clients. What I'd like is to not have to pull emails from the journaling mailbox (we archive to pst monthly). I want some searchable database that will allow emails sent to/from clients to be searched by all at anytime.

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