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Keeping assets in the building

By cmduke ·
As director of educational technology for a community college, I have a new building opening late this fall. As a community college facility, access to the building is and can not be as controlled as it is by many private organizations; within thatopen environment, I have to find some means of preventing laptops and other mobile computing devices from walking off - hidden in backpacks or other bags.

I've explored everything from stenciling to library like scanning portals to software tracking solutions. I have not been able to find the one solution I think would be most effective. I'm hoping it exists and someone here can point me to it.

Something akin to the electronic pet perimeters - the pipe dream goes something like this:

For laptops, I'd like an RF receiver attached via USB port. The RF device recieves a signal from a central transmitter; if the device gets to far from that signal, the central system notifies campus security and administration, an audible alarms sounds from the RF unit, and the USB device activates bios password protection. Alternatively, if an RF perimeter can be created, the device can alarm if it encounters the signal. Of course, the unit alarms if disconnected from the computer.

Anything remotely close to this exist?


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