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Keeping losing video signal

By corpman ·
when the computer is turned on, I can see the amber light on the video monitor turn turn to green. However, however, somtimes as soon as 5 minutes pass, the monitor loses it's signal. There are times when the computer can be running for a couple of hours with no problems and then the video signal goes away.
I have changed the video card; the hard drive; the cpu and cpu fan; and I'm about ready to change the motherboard.
The interesting thing is I can boot into the bios and never have this problem!!!!
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Keeping losing video sign ...

take the monitor to another computer. if problem follows monitor, get new monitor or warranty replacement on that one...

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by corpman In reply to Keeping losing video sign ...

a little more info. I have tried using another monitor but the same thing happens. :-(

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by Mikevjr2 In reply to Keeping losing video sign ...

I agree with the sarge, have you tried moving the monitor wire around? could it be a coinsidence that at the times you've accessed your bios the monitor was just working fine?

Another thing is the monitor probably has a problem comming back from rest mode, goto Control Panel and go into your Power Options where it says turn monitor off select "Never" on the dropdown menu.

Well hope that helps,


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by HereInOz In reply to Keeping losing video sign ...

I'll third that. Smells like a monitor problem in some way. Sarge is right. Test it on another machine before you replace the mobo.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Keeping losing video sign ...

Two monitors the same! Its unlikely to be a monitor problem.
If mobo has onboard video, try removing video card and enabling onboard to see if this works. Also try plugging video card into another slot, preferrably closer to the CPU, in case the bus is damaged.

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by corpman In reply to Keeping losing video sign ...

The video card is AGP. At first I thought it was a heat problem because of where the computer was kept. It was in a slot made for tower computers at the bottom of a desk. Howerver, after taking the computer out of the slot and leaving it on top of the desk, the problem still remains.
I want to thank all you who have responded to this question.

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