Kerberos SSO auth on Android Enterprise

By pearsonpeter458 ·
Anyone been able to set up a Kerberos SSO auth on Android Enterprise?
Since Android depreciated the device administrator method we now have to switch to Android Enterprise in the coming month.

Does anyone know a workaround or Software which is cost-effective? I do not want to propose a completely new infrastructure as costs would be extravagant.

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SSO Auth Software

Hi there, I just saw your feed. Your right, the device admin method indeed was depreciated. This left my company also hanging, however, thankfully there was this new software emerging on the market. Perhaps you have heard of it, the company is called Hypergate and they offer different kind of products under which the Authenticator. This should solve your problems. They also got a cost calculator which illustrates the cost-saving ability of that software.

Stay safe and sane!

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