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    Kerio version query


    by abanerji ·

    I am thinking of installing Kerio firewall on my Home PC. However, I am a bit confused as to which version. I have both versions 4 and the older 2.1.5. Which would be better?


    My System details are :-

    PC : Compaq Presario P4, 256 MB RAM

    Windows version : XP-SP2

    AV : AVG Free 7

    Other protection software installed : DiamondCS ProcessGuard Free 3.405. About to install Ewido Anti-spyware 4.0 background scanner too.

    Current firewall software : Apart from firewall in broadband modem provided by ISP, using windows firewall

    Internet connection : Broadband. Also, falling back on dial-up when broadband is down.

    Spam filter software installed : No

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