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    Kerio version query


    by abanerji ·

    I am thinking of installing Kerio firewall on my Home PC. However, I am a bit confused as to which version. I have both versions 4 and the older 2.1.5. Which would be better?


    My System details are :-

    PC : Compaq Presario P4, 256 MB RAM

    Windows version : XP-SP2

    AV : AVG Free 7

    Other protection software installed : DiamondCS ProcessGuard Free 3.405. About to install Ewido Anti-spyware 4.0 background scanner too.

    Current firewall software : Apart from firewall in broadband modem provided by ISP, using windows firewall

    Internet connection : Broadband. Also, falling back on dial-up when broadband is down.

    Spam filter software installed : No

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      Reply To: Kerio version query

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Kerio version query

      The latest version would be the best bet.


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      Reply To: Kerio version query

      by abanerji ·

      In reply to Kerio version query

      I had expected a little more elaboration as to why v4 would be superior, especially when my surf in other tech forums pointed to many happy users of v2.1.5.
      I am new to the world of firewalls, and was happily using the default Win-FW, till I learnt that it apparently doesn’t block unwanted outward traffic!!

      Experimented with 2.1.5 and realised it was beyond my skills at this stage. Kerio is rules-based and requires expertise in properly configuring it … an unknowledgeable user (like me) can probably cause more harm to the PC than with Win-FW providing at least inward traffic protection.

      So, finally installed ZoneAlarm free, and with AVG / ewido / PG combo and basic safe browsing precautions (including firefox use), I feel my Home PC should be reasonably safe.

      Maybe the day I have the luxury of more time, I shall learn more about firewalls, alternative OS (linux?), etc.

      Thanks for your patience,

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