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Kernel Error

By eric_7178 ·
To all, hello
I am a unix user currently trying to install Linux onto my home computer.
I have done linux installations several times in the past however this time, when the install is complete, and the system reboots, I receive a "<0>Kernel Panic" error. The system halts at this point and proceeds no further.
I have never run into this error before and cannot find any documentation or solution to the error.

I have checked the hardware settings and all are compatable.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, thank you

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Could be hardware

by stress junkie In reply to Kernel Error

Have you overclocked the motherboard? It's possible that critical signals are being delayed or scrambled due to motherboard timings.

Or you could have a problem with the disk or the disk controller.

Or your startup may be loading an improper module such as an incompatible SCSI driver or graphics driver.

Try to boot a live CD and see what happens.

More information is required to say any more about the possible causes. I'll bet it has something to do with hardware or a hardware and driver combination.

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Can explain a little more?

by jmgarvin In reply to Kernel Error

Plus if you put this in Tech Q&A you might get more hits as well...

What does it say before the kernel panic? Can you post the output?

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I have seen this

by Jaqui In reply to Kernel Error

it seems to be from a slightly corrupted kernel config for the hardware.
( red hat was the distro )

I would recommend using live cd versions of different distros to find one that you like, that does recognise the hardware correctly.
then install that distro.

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