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Kernel32.dll error message

By gburk ·
I have a problem with a computer I'm working on.

This 'puter is running WinME, an AOpen MX3WPro Rev.1.26 mobo, 800 Mhz Celeron, 64 MB RAM,and a 7GB IDE harddrive that's slightly more than half full. Here's the problem. . . Open Outlook Express, the 1st time you click on URL link there's a delay of like 10 seconds before the IE window pops up and then it starts to load and about 1/2 to 2/3's into it this message pops up. "Explorer has caused an error in KERNAL32.DLL. Explorer will now close." After that all other IE windows that are opened from similar or the same link opens just fine. The owner of the 'puter says it sometimes locks it up while just reading plain emails,or opening attachments and sometimes locks up completely requiring a reboot but that hasn't happened to me, yet. Until I sent some emails to this 'puter (didn't want to open the customer's emails) I couldn't even get the error message to come up.

I've tried "repairing" IE, I've downloaded and installed the newest version of IE and OE and it hasn't helped. I've tried searching the MS support database with the error message but found no answers there. I'd do a system scan for missing or corrupted files (via System Info, Tools) but for whatever reasons that doesn't load either. I fear a complete reinstall may be the only thing to fix this and there's a potential problem there. This computer started out as a Gateway but back before I ever saw it, due to some kind of problems it was rebuilt with a new mobo, etc, etc, and now all that's left of the Gateway is the harddrive. If it's like most situations with proprietary computers, without the original mobo and bios, the recovery software will not work. I've worked very little with ME and my understanding is you cannot reinstall over an existing installation, like you can with 98 so a wipe would be the only answer here if that's true so I may be up against the wall.

Thanx in advance for any help I receive.

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by valis In reply to Kernel32.dll error messag ...

make sure you go to the windows update page, and install all the patches and fixes, maybe one of these will help

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by Isupport In reply to Kernel32.dll error messag ...

I will suggest you to disable if you have any Firewalls and Anti Virus program for testing purpose and check if you are still getting the error message. If the issue still persists, I wll suggest you to remove and re install internet Explorer through Add/remove programs. You can refer to the link given below for more information

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