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Key bord and mouse not work

By b_sanju2001 ·
My keyboard and mouse has stopped working, I have tried using different mouse and keyboard but with same results. I have also tried using usb devices but still nothing works. pc boots up normally up until welcome windows comes on, at which time I cannot do anything else since keyboard or mouse do not respond. Then I have no choice but to shut down the "wrong" way.

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When do they fail?

by jdmercha In reply to Key bord and mouse not wo ...

Can you use the keyboard to enter the system BIOS?
When Windows starts to boot, and the mouse arrow first appears, does the mouse move?
Have you tried booting into safe mode?

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What about in Safe Mode

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Key bord and mouse not wo ...


Or can't you press F8 - if so BIOS.

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by fungus-among-us In reply to Key bord and mouse not wo ...

Usually, a computer will inform the user (during the boot process) if it doesn't detect a keyboard (don't care about the mouse, cause you CAN use a computer without a mouse, but not without a keyboard). Something sounds oddly wrong. Many systems will also not recognize a USB keyboard or mouse unless there is an option to recognize it in the BIOS. Most USB devices will auto-detect after Windows is done loading.
Take a close look at the pins on the PS/2 plugs (keyboard and mouse) to see if any are bent or missing (PS/2 plugs have 6 pins and a plastic orientation post).

Good Luck

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Are you sure that the system isnt hung?

by w2ktechman In reply to Key bord and mouse not wo ...

First, I agree with the other responses, what about Safe Mode?
Have you installed anything new recently? Is there a cd spinning and hanging things up? Can you get a boot disk and try chkdsk or antivirus?
what about a Windows repair?

to me it sounds like after it boots up it is hung. Safe Mode should be the first step in this troubleshooting. But also unplug all other external devices and try booting up as well.

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similar issue

I'm having a similar, if not the same prblem with a Dell GX280. The keykoard works during boot up( ei. I can get to the bios, and safe mode). I cannot move the mouse, or the get any response from the keyboard, while at the regular login screen, or the safe mode one. I can however use the mouse, while in ERD commander 2005, and BartPE. This computer only has USB, no PS/2, and I have tried a few other keyboards, and mice, that I know work properly. I wanna try to get through this without a reinstall of XP, or going to a restore point, as this is a computer from the mfg floor at my work, and I'm sure he has new files and what not since a restore point was created.

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by apierson@hubfoldingbox. In reply to similar issue

I decided to try and replace my USB drivers, with the ones from the computer I'm typing on right now, and it worked perfectly. I dont know why I didnt try it first, and throw the fiels on a thumb driver, and copy them to the drivers folder through ERD Comm. Anyways hope this helps anyone else who may encounter this issue. Throw the the USB drivers on a floppy or whatever, and try to copy them to c:\windows\system32\drivers. Good luck.

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