key logger and sniffer PROTECTION

By eyesofmidori ·
Hello. I'm a young girl (22 just recently) and I, like many youths my age, am EXTREMELY paraniod. I currently use a laptop and access the internet through my boyfriends wireless connection that is in the room next door. We have LAN set up, but it isnt usually on. My boyfriend and I have trust issues and I have caught key loggers and this sort of thing in the past. My quesiton is, what can I do to protect myself from anyone seeing what i?m doing, who i?m chatting with, ect? I need my privacy protected. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)

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Trust issues?

by j.e.rhoads In reply to key logger and sniffer PR ...

Get a new boyfriend or stay off myspace.

More seriously, try using a live CD to access the the internet. This will defeat software based keyloggers. Check out ubuntu.

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Stop Cheating

by norest22 In reply to key logger and sniffer PR ...

Maybe if you didn't cheat on your boyfriend you wouldn't have to worry about your privacy being invaded.

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