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Recently our system has been the target of unauthorized Key Logging programs. We are running Windows 2000 Professional. In the first instance we were able to remmove it by going into safe mode and deleting the file. Within days another one was loaded, this time a bit smarter as after two attempts to remove it in safe mode we were unable to get into safe mode, or boot from a CD or the floppy drive until the system had been powered down completely for several hours.

With the recent Nazification of the US and the so called Homeland Security operation which intends to access any and all information, it appears likely that we will see a very rapid increase in these key logggers being dumped on us.

There appears to be only one program called "Anti-Keylogger" which claims to identify these programs and to delete them. I have not had the opportunity to try other than the free version which will NOT remove the programs. When you pay the $60 it will.

Can we get some brain power applied to this problem before it becomes an epidemic.

Also a serious legalpoint arrises that any communication appears to be getting monitored by the US regardless of origin or destination, so that any communication passing through the US is goingto be liable for interception though it may have nothing to do with the US or anyone in the US. As a Canadian I have very strong objections to the US interfering with my business for any reason.

John L.

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Can we say 'Conspiracy Theory'

by LordInfidel In reply to KEY LOGGERS

More like you have been infected with a virus that is simply just re-apperaring.

While I don't trust anyone with any sort of power.

The notion that the US gov't is actively installing keyloggers on peoples netwks is pretty farcical and belongsin the "conspiracy theory" file.

While I am not dismissing it entirely, the likelihood is quite unlikely.

Like I said before, it is probably a virus that one of your users clicked on which installs a key logger. There are only a thousand or so different viri that do this, so take your pick.

So basically, don't blame the US gov't becuase you failed to install any decent virus protection software.

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Conspiracy II

by timwalsh In reply to KEY LOGGERS

Another possibility is that you don't have ANY type of firewall that prevents people from hacking your network.

There are so many ne'er-do-wells sleazing around the Internet that you should be more concerned about them than any state-sponsored invasion of privacy. If you had a properly protected network, you would be able to access your router logs to determine who is playing games with you.

BTW, you really need to get off the anti-US and Big Brother Conspiracy kick and look to the real cause of your "problem."

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Nice Troll!

by admin In reply to KEY LOGGERS

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