key not working

By richarulezzz ·
hey frnds.....i m faced wid d problem tht d 'h' key of my acer laptop is not working....i've gone through the previous posts n hv concluded tht thr's no software problem, its probably a hardware wat can b d solutoin to tht n in case not nythin doable thn is thr a way whri can change the functioning of a rarely used key like "tab" to type an 'h' instead...(plz help...believe me typing n h using ctrl+v everytym is nt easy n i dintknw h was such an important alphabet!)

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to key not working :(

I lost my decoder ring the other day.

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You know...

by seanferd In reply to Bummer.

Reading that post, I wonder if the OP is pressing the right key in the first place...

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It hurts SOOO much

by .Martin. In reply to You know...

to read.

got about halfway through before I had to stop

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Three Options...

by Kingbackwards In reply to key not working :(

1. Fix it yourself
You can try to pop the key off (gently as it can break it for good) and see if maybe if something is wedged between the key and the board preventing it from making proper contact or some other cause of the malfunction.

2. Get it fixed.
Send it off to the manufacturer or buy a replacement board and repair it.

3. Ignore it.
Buy a cheap USB keyboards and take it with you instead of trying to use the one on the laptop.

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option 4

by jamiekownacki In reply to key not working :(

Follow this above link. this free program allows you to remap keys on your system. I think this is what you were asking.

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thnks jamie...

by richarulezzz In reply to option 4

Thanks jamie.....hvnt worked on it yet but atleast u understood what i wanted :)

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Another option

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to key not working :(

Get yourself a copy of a Live Linux and make sure that the Keyboard is really no longer working correctly.

If it works when you are booting off a Live Linux Disc there is no Hardware Problem but a Software Problem with your OS.

If it doesn't work under a Live Linux connect a external Keyboard generally a USB one will be required and repeat the process with the Live Linux Disc.

If it still doesn't work you need to replace the M'Board in the Acer.

However if it works correctly with the external Keyboard you need to replace the Keyboard.

You can get a Live Linux from here

Or maybe a Newsagent you can buy a Linux Mag with one as a Cover Disc.


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