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by dmiles In reply to key_oard__virus

There are hardware as well as software problems that could cause your symptoms. By chance, are you running an overclocked system board? If so, it could be messing up the keyboard/mouse controller on the system board, which can cause the type of problem you are seeing. Do you have a PS/2 style mouse that plugs in next to the keyboard (ATX board)? A PS/2 mouse with problems can work OK, yet cause problems with the keyboard input. Does it cause problems if you move the mouse while typing? Maybe its the keyboard/mouse hardware; what happens if you Boot from a startup diskette, and do a lot of typing at the DOS prompt or in EDIT? This might tell you if its a hardware problem or a software problem with Windows. Have you ran a good Memory tester program (RAMTEST) like DocMemory from Have you recently loaded a mouse driver and/or keyboard macro program? Go to Control Panel /Accessibility Options (if installed) and make sure none of the special keyboard features are turned on, and that under the General tab, Automatic reset is enabled and set under six minutes. If any of these features are enabled, specific key sequences can start strange keyboard problems. Might try using the Windows Setup panel to remove the Accessibility Options. There are also several packages that allow keys to become hotkeys or shortcuts to programs. Last, look at the Language tab under keyboard in control panel, and make sure it is set correctly and there are not unneeded/unused language options enabled. (Normally you only have one *.KBD file in

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by zlitocook In reply to key_oard__virus

If your computer is this messed up you need to reinstall. You do have back ups and a antivirus on your computer? I would format and use a clean install, then install my antivirus and update first. I would install a software firewall and update it. And I would use some other free ware like spybot and adaware to clean your computer.

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by jj.vergier In reply to

Yes I have all these.

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by RCOM In reply to key_oard__virus

If you really have the keyboard virus you need to run a command line (DOS prompt) virus scan from a clean and protected boot disk. These viruses infect com and exe files. McAfee and others have DAT files that will repair this problem.

F-PROT has a good "free" DOS prompt virus scanner.

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by jj.vergier In reply to
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by jj.vergier In reply to key_oard__virus

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