Key "W" of my laptop does not type what should i do?

By Robinhood25 ·
I have Sony Vaio laptop whose alphabet "W" key does not work. Please advise possible solution.

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A couple of things to try if

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Key "W" of my laptop does ...

You have not dropped anything onto the keyboard.

First try a external Keyboard and see if it works now. If it doesn't work download a Live Linux from here

Burn it to suitable Media either a USB Thumb Drive or a CD and then boot off that Disc/Media. Open the Word Processor and test every key on the keyboard.

If it still doesn't work the keyboard or the M'Board in the Viao needs replacing. You have a Hardware problem and further investigation needs doing.

If it works now the OS needs reinstalling. You have a software problem and to fix this you need to reinstall your OS and all your Software.


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W quit working

by BrianW619 In reply to Key "W" of my laptop does ...

\/\/.....did that with front and back slashes. Not very efficient

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The fix.

by Alpha_Dog In reply to Key "W" of my laptop does ...

If under warrantee, send off for repair, but be prepared that they'll somehow determine that your hard disk is one of the many culprits according to their flip chart, so back up your data.

If it's not under warantee, Look on google for how to replace the keyboard for your model. If it is within your skills find a replacement (ebay is okay for personal machines). If not, refer to a pro.

If the new keyboard does it too, it may be the keyboard connector or keyboard controller (both doubtful). Test with a live distro of Linux.

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