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    Key ring entries on a workgroup PC


    by warwickmt ·

    I have a PC running XP that I need to give rights to access a server running Windows 2000 Server. I am in a Workgroup scenario. I realize that I could add a user account to the server that had the proper rights, but the user that access the XP machine changes there password every 30 days. That means they would have to go to the server and change it there as well. I don’t want that. I know that you can use Key ring entries to add authentication information to the computer so that it will have the proper rights, but I cannot access the advanced tab on the User Accounts screen when I am apart of a Workgroup. If I am a part of a domain, I get the advanced options. Is there any way to add key ring entries on a Workgroup computer?

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      by timwalsh ·

      In reply to Key ring entries on a workgroup PC

      The basic issue here is that in order to access ANY computer in a Workgroup environment, you must have a user account on THAT specific computer.

      In a workgroup environemnt, access controls are handled by each individual computer that hosts sharedresources.

      There is no advanced tab for Local user accounts.

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