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keyboard acting strange

By jsmart ·
Suddenly,today,my keyboard is unusable (i'm typing this question with the ON-SCREEN KEYBOARD)because no matter what i try (a different keyboard;loading new keybd software or drivers;system restore;or even a clean reinstall of Windows XP)when i hit any key, something erratic and strange types onto the designated program (it's the same with all programs!)
For example, when i hit the keys for 'keyboard acting strange,' this is what results: "k,ceyfbvo.lard a,ctimng xstramnge."

I run win xp pro; Intel pentium4 3.06 Ghz system; 1 gig DDRAM PC2700 333mhz memory; 140 gig 7200rpm Maxtor hd; one dvd drive and one cd rewriter/reader drive.

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by XT John In reply to keyboard acting strange

Is it a USB keyboard? Did you try plugging the keyboards into a different set of USB ports? If it's a PS/2 keyboard, try a usb KB and vice versa. Chances are, if the system was working fine before, something happened to the port. A simple spill on the KB, or a cable break/cut (I saw a dog bite into a KB cable smoke a motherboard).

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by AmberHaze In reply to keyboard acting strange

If the computer you are talking about is a laptop or tablet, my guess would be that the ribben cable which connects the keyboard to the motherboard is loose. The repair is simple, but not for the inexperienced.

good luck

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by mjd420nova In reply to keyboard acting strange

I take it from your discription this is a
desktop. If a new keyboard doesn't fix it,
being USB or PS2 plug in, either the BIOS needs to be blanked, or the chip that interfaces
to the motherboard, on the motherboard has
failed. To reset BIOS, find and remove the
plastic connector from the battery or remove
the button cell from the motherboard. I try
to short the plus and minus terminals together
to remove any residual charge left in capacitors.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to keyboard acting strange

how is it in Safe mode?

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by jsmart In reply to keyboard acting strange

Thanks for replies. Same prolem in safe mode; switching usb/ps2 kybds or ports doesnt help; its not a laptop.
(mjd420nova): if you don't mind, I have some questions for further clarification: in your response does 'blanking BIOS' and 'reseting BIOS' refer to the same thing? And would that be the same thing that my mobo manual calls 'clearing the RTC RAM?" Because I cleared the RTC RAM (by switching a specified jumper for a few secs)and that didn't do it.
And could you please explain more what you mean by 'the chip that interfaces to the mobo?' And when you refer to 'the button cell on mobo,' is that the same thing as my round 'Lithium Cell CMOS power' battery?
I also don't know where to look for a 'plastic connector from the battery,' or where the 'plus and minus terminals' that you mention are located.
Sorry to lay all this on you, but I sense you are on right track. I really appreciate any additional help you give but understand if you don't.

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Has anyone ever solved this Problem?

by scorpio_chylde In reply to

saw the dates in this thread...cuz i have the same Problem...desperate!!!

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