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    Keyboard causes crash


    by zulj ·

    Keyboard works fine in bios and other pc’s. However on this particular XP machine as soon as it gets into windows all the lights on the keyboard flash and then go off. As soon as any key is pressed the machine freezes up.
    The mouse works fine. No keyboard entry in Device Manager. Nothing noticably wrong in Event Viewer.

    Any ideas?

    Apparently graphics drivers were rolled back before the problem started occuring. Could this have caused the problem?

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      i wonder why they felt they needed to roll back the driver? this sounds like a resource conflict…is this a laptop with a touchpad? look for stuff that might be in conflict…browse BIOS…wonder what other cards are in this machine and if any are have resources (i/o and interrupt)’reserved’…wish i knew this: would another keyboard give same results? does it do this in safe mode? can i fall back to previous restore point (make a new one first) and fix this problem?

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      by thechas ·

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      Have your tried a different keyboard?

      Windows does deal with the keyboard IC and the PS/2 controller differently than the BIOS does.

      If there is ANY chance that the keyboard has been plugged in or un-plugged with the system powered, either the keyboard IC, or the PS/2 controller could be damaged.

      If possible, try a USB keyboard.


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      by zulj ·

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