Keyboard doesn't work at Login

By ninuyato31 ·
I just start up my computer [window xp home ed.] one morning just like usually, but when I try to login I couldn't type in my password. I tried pressing numlock, capslock, and scroll lock but the light doesn't change. Enter doesn't work, space doesn't work no keys work.
All I see is the regular num lock light on.
I tried different jacks and multiple keyboards while restarting it each time but still doesn't work.
Mice works anyone?

I'm currently using someone elses computer.

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Need More Info

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Keyboard doesn't work at ...

Is this a wireless keyboard?
You said you tried multiple keboards. Were they wireless or PS2 keyboards?
Were they plugged in when the system was shut down?

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Bios settngs

by punurusuman In reply to Keyboard doesn't work at ...

i also had the same problem.....try USB type key boards,if are now using PS2 type.....and in bios settings we have the option to disable or enable the usb...

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Keyboard doesn't work at Login

by jitendra1313 In reply to Keyboard doesn't work at ...

check that ikernel.exe process is running or not.
otherwise format ur system

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by mcneile3 In reply to Keyboard doesn't work at ...

I had this issue on a laptop and it ended up being scroll lock (Fn + Scroll Lock)

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can u help me

by akobaby1980 In reply to Keyboard doesn't work at ...

did u manage to log in?because am having the same
problem.would you help me please?

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I fixed keyboard problem at login screen

by jyy2111 In reply to Keyboard doesn't work at ...

Not sure what your exact problem is because I'm not there to troubleshoot, but I had similar symptoms, namely my keyboard did not work at the login screen. I use an Acer Aspire laptop. Below are the steps I took to isolate and eventually resolve the problem. I am typing this from that same keyboard so don't give up :)

1. Is the problem only at the login screen or is it global?

I logged in as Guest, which doesn't require a password and can be done with a click of a mouse. If you don't have a guest account set up, proceed to #3. After logging in, I opened notepad and exhaustively tested every key on the keyboard. In my case, Esc, F10, F11, and [ worked. I also found that applying heavy pressure to multiple keys inconsistently caused a random number of the depressed keys to work. These findings caused me to think more hardware problem, but I was reluctant to open up the casing on my laptop until I ruled out software issues.

2. Software vs Hardware?

As Guest, I went to Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager to check the Keyboard Driver. It seemed to be working but I wanted to uninstall and reinstall it just to be sure. Unfortunately the Guest account did not have sufficient privileges to do so. I opened the onscreen keyboard by going to Start->Programs->Accessories->Accessibility->On Screen Keyboard. Using the onscreen keyboard, I typed out my password onto the notepad, then copied it. Then I went to Logoff->Switch User to return to the Login screen, where I pasted the password to get into my normal account. Note that you should use switch user and not explicitly logoff because the former preserves the clipboard contents and the latter does not. After getting into my account, I uninstalled and then reinstalled the driver. The problem persisted.

3. Checking hardware connectivity

At this point, it almost certainly seemed like a hardware issue. You should have someone with experience taking a computer apart help with the next steps. Use all precautions including unplugging the power source and getting rid of your body's static electricity by touching something metal frequently during the procedure below. By reading the description of the procedure, you agree to release me from any and all liabilities resulting from the procedure below.

I opened the casing to the front of my laptop and released the screws holding down the keyboard component. Sure enough, the ribbon (wire) connecting the keyboard to the motherboard was loose. I simply reinserted and secured the ribbon and put everything back together. This took about 10 minutes total. On restart, the keyboard worked. I did take grainy pictures on my phone, which I can email if you drop me a line: However, since laptop configurations are different, it would probably be more useful to consult a manual specific to your model.

Anyways, good luck. Let me know if this worked for you.


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keyboard doesn't work

by elwoodbluz69 In reply to Keyboard doesn't work at ...

i just experienced the same problem with my keyboard not working. there was a power outage and when i restarted my computer the keyboard wasn't responding at all. at the start screen i activated the onscreen keyboard feature and then went from there. what i found out was that my USB Hub had failed. i ended up plugging the keyboard directly into the back of my PC and moved my USB internet connection to one of the ports at the front of the Tower. Everything works fine now and i am ordering a new hub.

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