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    Keyboard doesn’t work


    by peterdragon_20 ·

    after flashing my cmos, rebooted and had a cmos error. Say’s to hit F1 key to continue, but when I hit the any key on the keyboard nothing works.
    Any info will be greatly appreciated.
    PS don’t have a floppy drive.


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      by peterdragon_20 ·

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      Do you have a USB keyboard?

      by nepenthe0 ·

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      Older computers energize the PS-2 port from the BIOS, which may explain the non-functionality of your keyboard.

      If you have a PS-2 to USB adapter, this would be a workaround. It’s probably cheaper to pick up a $10 generic PS-2 keyboard.

      You may not be able to get the BIOS to energize a USB port, but it would be worthwhile to check this in your BIOS splash screen.

      Please post back with more information about your machine if this doesn’t work, or is inapplicable to your problem.

      Rick/Portland, OR

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      If you have a PS2 Keyboard

      by oh smeg ·

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      Hitting the F1 Key should take you into the BIOS Setup where you need to add the current Date & Time at the very least.

      Depending on what make & model of M’Board you have you will also most likely need to setup the CPU as well and the boot order.

      The BIOS Screen should say F1 to Continue or Del to enter BIOS or at least one other key depending on who made the BIOS and computer. It could be several different keys that are listed though.

      If you have a USB Keyboard you’ll need to plug in either a USB to PS2 Adapter or a PS2 Keyboard.

      If you have a Dell with only USB Sockets you’ll need to read the manual for their solution to entering BIOS.


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