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Keyboard Freezes System

By jeremy ·
I just got a new case/mobo/chip/ram/vid card etc... but kept the old hard drive and put it in the new system without reformatting. It is running XP Pro. It booted fine except for the fact that it froze when I clicked my profile and it prompet for the pass. Anyhow, I was able to go in through an account that wasnt password protected and install all the mobo and vid drivers. Seemed to work fine and the hardware profile looks good. However, the problem is that anytime I would be prompted to use the keyboard, such as when I click on my pass protected account, or clicking the address bar on explorer, the system freezes. I tried changing the bios to not halt on keyboard errors but this had no affect on the problem. I don't think its a problem that comes from not reformatting the drive, because I booted to the XP cd and tried to install the operating system over itself and when it prompted me to press enter to continute, the system froze. Strange thing is I did manage to pres Ctrl+Alt+Delete twice and enter with the old logon style. Let me know what the problem might be, thanks.

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