Keyboard goes crazy

By ruby2zdy ·
Windows XP SP2, computer (e-machine) is a few years old, 512M memory, 2.7G processor.

This problem only started happening recently. Sometimes (this happens mostly in OE; it happened once when I was filling in a comment box on IE; it happened once in Word 2002) when I'm typing and my cat is on my lap, my left hand will accidentally hit 2 or 3 keys at the same time when I'm aiming for the Shift key (I don't know which combo because my cat isn't transparent), and the keys start putting out letters that aren't the right ones. The keys I hit that cause this are probably Shift, Caps lock, CTRL, maybe the Start key, maybe A or Z -- some combo of those.

In OE I can't figure out what key combo will get the right letters back. When it happened in Word (it was happening at the same time in OE), CTRL-Shift fixed it in Word but not in OE. The only solution I've found so far is to shut all IE windows and OE and let it rest for 5 minutes or so.

Does anybody know what key combo totally screws up the alphabet in OE and if there's a key combo or something else that's not time-consuming that will fix the problem? "Don't have your cat on your lap" isn't an option.

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umm. you may have a programmable keyboard

by sgt_shultz In reply to Keyboard goes crazy

but they don't unprogram themselves with 'rest' :>

is this a usb, ps2 or wireless keyboard?

is this a laptop?

I have seen this problem crop up with
1) resource conflict (most common with laptops but i've seen it in desktops)
2) accidentally programmed keyboard
3) low battery in wireless keyboard

can you give us the keyboard model number? and more info about your exact system?
i don't know of any key sequences in OE or Word that cause the symptoms you describe. can you try another (plain, non programmable) keyboard?

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sticky keys...

by .Martin. In reply to Keyboard goes crazy

two kinds:

first, StickyKeys (setting) mash the shift key 5 times, either StickyKeys will turn off (if on) or a dialog will come up asking to turn StickyKeys on, in which case, press cancel.

Sticky Keys (physical). often unpredictable, try using a different keyboard, see if problem continues. if not pay close attention to what keys you press, try to note what sets it off.

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