Keyboard is acting like a key is stucked...

By dimis1973 ·
I am facing a strange problem with a computer (win 7 64, s775, intel core 2 duo, 8 GB ram ddr3 1333) .
After some time of working with it windows is acting like a key is stucked to a number or letter. For example: opening start menu and the search box is getting filled with a number continusly,
I mean that it may happen on startup or even after 2 or 3 hours of work.
I change the keyboard and the mouse but the problem remains.
I 've also format the pc and after the new installation the problem still remains.
Varius AV programs found nothing...
I removed the battery for 5 minutes and the problem remains.....
Any ideas???

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So what happens when you try a Live Linux?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Keyboard is acting like a ...

If you don't have one you can try your local Newsagent and get a Linux Mag with a Live Linux on the Cover Disc or download one from here

http://www.livecdlist .com/
remember to remove the space from between livecdlist and the .com for a working link.

If the problem persists you have a Hardware problem but most likely it will not so you need to look at the Keyboard Drivers as the issue here.


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Possible stuck key idea

by snaik95899 In reply to Keyboard is acting like a ...

Have you checked the "fn" ? Sometimes if this key is turned on by accident, it will send the keyboard into chaos. Just a thought to check it. If that doesn't work, a keyboard cleaning might be in order. Usually you can do it in under an hour. If you're not comfortable with taking your laptop apart, call around to some local shops. It shouldn't cost too much to even to just replace the keyboard with a new one if it is badly gunked up. Good luck !

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Happy The New Year!!!!!

by dimis1973 In reply to Keyboard is acting like a ...

...And thank you for your answers!
Well I use a microsoft natural 4000 i change it for a new Logitech and it did the same.
The FN key is checked when the MS K/B was on.
This is my third try to write an answer trying my old MS natural (ps2 connection).
My thought is that there is an issue with usb so i give a try with ps2....
I will also give a try with a pci usb card in an efford to avoid MB replacement. You see it is hard to find MB equipped with 775 socket and ddr3 support in full atx form.
I you've heard of a case smilar it will be very helpfull to know the outcome....

My best wishes to you all!!!!!

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PS2 k/b do the same....

by dimis1973 In reply to Keyboard is acting like a ...

Any idea is more than welcome!!!!

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by catcoder In reply to Keyboard is acting like a ...

I've ran into two scenarios with your same problem. The first time it was a corrupted keyboard driver. Deleted the keyboard, reseated, no more weird letters, no more typing on its own. The fact you are receiving this problem on different keyboards makes me think the driver, some weird maleware, or something is shorting.

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RE: Keyboard is acting like a key is stuck...

by jose.noriega In reply to Keyboard is acting like a ...

Try looking for a pattern. Does issue happens ALWAYS immediately after computer is power-on after being off for a longer than 30 minutes? If not, how long problem takes to happen after power on? Did you reboot the computer in safe mode command prompt mode and tried it? If the motherboard is a brand other than the computer's case, has there being any addition, modification or jumper / switch setting change before problem began happening? Can you re-seat one by one any jumper and even plug-in computer chip in the motherboard and retest? Have you tried 'bare-boning' the computer (removing all boards and options but the power supply, video board and keyboard of the computer, power on and testing it? I hope this can give you some more pointers to look for.

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