Keyboard issue

By luv2bike2 ·
One of my users has a Dell Desktop computer and Dell Keyboard and Mouse. The issue is: The letters E, R, D, G and B --- that i know of - when pressed they bring up a screen.. Say you are in Outlook and you type the letter E = Explorer will appear, type in R and it will bring up the Run box, Type in D and the Desktop appears, etc. The user says he can reboot the computer and everything works normal for a bit than it reverts back to where you type in E- explorer comes up, etc. I did not reboot the computer however I pressed the Scroll lock, Num Lock, Print Screen, CTL,, ALT, windows Flag shift keys (of course not at the same time - one at a time) and when I typed the aboved letters they were as what they should be... e, r, d, g, b. Of course I could not recreate the problem while I was at the computer so I asked him to call me when it happens again. I know on laptops you can press a certain key for the number pad to replace the letters, i have not seen or heard of something like this on a regular keyboard. Has anyone come across this and been able to figure out how the keys are changed and what to do about it.

What I have done was made sure that in the Accesibility Options the Sticky Keys was unchecked.

thanks in advance.

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Sticky Keys?

by oldbaritone In reply to Keyboard issue

It sounds like the Sticky Keys function may have been enabled. When it is on, SHIFT, CTRL, ALT and Windows Logo keys can be used by pressing one key at a time.

Check out "Control Panel" - "Accessibility Options" Keyboard - see if "Sticky Keys" is enabled. Then try enabling it, "OK", and then going back in to disable it

Maybe NumLock or Toggle Keys too? .

Edit: and of course, have you tried simply replacing the keyboard? They don't last forever.

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Keyboard replaced and..

by luv2bike2 In reply to Keyboard issue

Sticky Keys were not enabled, however when the user calls me back with the problem I will enable the Sticky Keys and then disable them.

Thanks for your response! :)

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Well I would have said Sticky Keys as well

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Keyboard issue

So have you had a look at what is actually running?

It really sounds like Software here as it stops when the unit is rebooted for at the very least a short time.

Also have you looked at the Software Load to see if anything else has been added that shouldn't have been? It's possible that some installed Software is causing this.


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windows key

by dmanager In reply to Keyboard issue

Check that the Windows key is not stuck.

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Second That!

by Kenone In reply to Keyboard issue

One of the windows keys is sticking!

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Virus Maybe?

by bsharpe37 In reply to Keyboard issue

If the sticky Keys and a replaced keyboard do not solve the issue, check and see if there is a Virus or conflicting software on the system. Does the user know what changed when this started happening?

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by Sue T In reply to Keyboard issue

Is it possible someone is playing a joke and has mapped the keyboard?

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