Keyboard issues?

By Aurora_Bell ·
I'm not sure how to explain this, but my keyboard has a mind of it's own! When ever I am typing, the courser jumps to a different part of my already typed sentence, so it ends up looking like I am typing in gibberish. I used to be able to fix this issue by restarting my computer, but have since restarted 3 times now and it has not resolved the issue. I am using a laptop.

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Answer: You are using a laptop.

by seanferd In reply to Keyboard issues?

Don't drag your sleeves, nails, or what have you across the touch pad. Or, change the touch pad sensitivity.

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by TheChas In reply to Keyboard issues?

In addition to avoiding or disabling your touchpad, a change in focus (that is what is happening) can be caused by various mal-ware products.

Run a full virus and spy-ware scan on your system.


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Virus/mal ware

by techiekoko In reply to Keyboard issues?

i fink its either a mal-ware or a virus issue, so try scanning ur system very well n try again.

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virus and driver

by Tyharo In reply to Keyboard issues?

First you should try and scan for a virus even though it may be unlikely thats the cause, the best way to scan for a virus is with trend micro house call which is here:
then you should try and update your drivers some of them may be out of date which maybe causing problems, use Intel's free utility tool to fix this:

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Thank you!

by Aurora_Bell In reply to Keyboard issues?

Thank you! Yes I understand about the touch pad sensitivity, but that was not the issue, I have been using a laptop for several years now.

Thank you so much for the mal ware suggestions, I have since done a full scan and removed some un needed programs on the computer. This seems to have fixed my issue. Thank you all so much for the help!

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I'm back

by Aurora_Bell In reply to Keyboard issues?

Well my issue has not been fixed as I once thought it was. I downloaded a new anti virus and its saying there is no threats. This is driving me crazy and interfering with my work. Any other suggestions?

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Laptop Keypad Issues.

by RayFoxxe In reply to Keyboard issues?

Do you have the laptop that has the mouse button stick in the middle of the keypad instead of a touchpad? (usually it's that rubbery red button in the middle of the keypad that looks like a pencil's eraser.) That might be causing your problem, cuz on some old laptops, when the mouse button is already worn out, it gets a bit loose and so whenever you type on the keypad hard and/or the button moves as well.

Or how about this, has your laptop's keypad dirty? Maybe there's already a lot of dirt, dust, and stuff building up under the keys which makes them stick or malfunction, I suggest cleaning the keypad.

Or another one, have you spilled water on the keypad once? Even just a few drops is enough to damage the keys, or does your hands sweat a lot?

There are a lot of issues here that can contribute to a laptop's keypad malfunction, could you clue us in more on what's your laptop's keypad's condition?

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Found a solution!

by Aurora_Bell In reply to Keyboard issues?

Well I have no clue what was causing the issue, but I found a solution and thought I would share it with you all incase someone else has the same issue.

So I downloaded that "program" and my courser issue is fixed!! yahoo!

No i don't have one of those roller ball things in the middle of the key pad, but I never thought of the keys being dirty or them getting wet. I do have a 3 year old so, anything is possible there lol. Thanks for all the suggestions, I really appreciated them!

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Touch Pad

by TheChas In reply to Keyboard issues?

As one of the first people who responded to your original post suggested, it is / was a touchpad sensitivity issue.

Still might be worth the effort to clean the touchpad.


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