Keyboard jumps backwards while typing

By 1daveweiland ·
My laptop computer gives me fits when I try to type. As I am typing, the cursor jumps backwards or to another line. I experimented with gmail and Word 2003, and both of them produced the same result. I plugged in a USB keyboard and the problem did not recur. Question - does the laptop have a bad keyboard, or does this problem come from the OS. I can only fix the OS. Dave Weiland

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Could be a Keyboard problem

by Michael Jay In reply to Keyboard jumps backwards ...

or it could be your thumb tapping the mouse pad, disable the track pad mouse and try again.

I have seen this behavior often caused by an inadvertent tap to the pad as you are typing.

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Every time I have seen this type of thing happen

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Keyboard jumps backwards ...

It has always been related to the way that the user types. They tap the Track Pad unintentionally and move the Cursor about.

As this did not happen with an external Keyboard plugged in that tends to reinforce the conclusion that it's a problem with the way that the user is using this system.

As suggested above disable the Track Pad and see if it persists. If it does you'll need to look at the Keyboard as a possible problem but to double check I would try the Ultimate Boot CD available free from here

Or a Live Linux which runs off a Optical Disc CD/DVD and provides you with enough resources/software to test the keyboard under a different OS. You can get a Live Linux as a Cover Disc on a Linux Mag or download one from here free.


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