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Keyboard key for laptop factory reset??

By sasika99 ·

Ive been thinking if any of you have a list of the factory reset keys on a keyboard for different brands of laptops (Eg: Dell, Hp, Acer etc), because different laptops have different keys which initiates the "factory reset" process. It would help if there was a list.
Hope you guys can come up with something.


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by Dr Dij In reply to Keyboard key for laptop f ...

I don't think there is a 'factory reset' key on any keyboard.

this would NOT be a good idea.
I have problem enuf with 'power off' key on top my keyboard, just above PrtScrn. So I hit it by mistake in middle of taking a course, etc. And is unstoppable. It takes a while what with all the processes going on my computer but is a real hassle as I have my website raw log process and oracle, other progs running plus whatever I was doing when I hit it by mistake.

Maybe you mean like acer's ctl-f10 i think? that starts the process, and is password protected. these are keystrokes, not keys on the keyboard but maybe that's what you mean?

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your just typing happily

by .Martin. In reply to Umm

then BAM hit the reset button, you loose everything on the computer

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Yes, keystrokes, my bad!

by sasika99 In reply to Umm

Pardon my wording, yes i was referring to a list of all the key-strokes for all makes (or atleast the popular ones) available.


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Like Dr. D. said,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Yes, keystrokes, my bad!

I don't know of any keystroke sequences that will reset a system to the factory defaults. Sounds like a hideous idea; this would result in users resetting at the first sign of trouble.

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