keyboard key hold program

By HThammond ·
i have a friend who is quaderaplegic and he has to use the mouse with 2 closed fist and we play an online game called dark orbit and he is realy good but the problem is is he cant fire rockets because that requires you to hold down the space bar. so im looking to find kinda the opisit of sticky key where he would just have to hit it 1 time and it would be down until he hit it again witch would release it

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what about the ingame options

by ---TK--- In reply to keyboard key hold program

Most games you can reassign the keys and keystrokes with in the options... I would try looking there first...

or there are Voice options...

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im sending him the link you gave

by HThammond In reply to what about the ingame opt ...

there aren't any ingame keyboard options

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Mouse controls

by butkus In reply to keyboard key hold program

It's part of the HID (Human Interface Device)in XP. Somewhere in there you can make "sticky keys". Search for that on Google.

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by HThammond In reply to Mouse controls

thanks ill let him know and to check it out

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My users can do this in their sleep

by Kenone In reply to keyboard key hold program

Bend up a paper clip - if you do it right you turn it one way = space bar down, turn it the other way=space bar up.

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i must be dead then

by HThammond In reply to My users can do this in t ...

because i didn't understand what you where doing with the paper clip and he has next to no use of his fingers so i do not see him being able to bend the paper clip

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Dude should really have some better controls

by seanferd In reply to keyboard key hold program

Aside from the voice recognition software previously mentioned, check here

There are other places to search on the web as well. He should consider VR or peripherals that will make his life a little easier.

For now, check the keyboard and mouse properties in control panel to see if anything could be set to better serve his needs. Then check Accessibility Options in control panel. Sticky Keys, as well as other settings, is there.

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thanks ill let him know

by HThammond In reply to Dude should really have s ...
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by seanferd In reply to thanks ill let him know

There's a lot of stuff (and support and advocacy groups) out there for folks who don't fit in the "expected user" model. Of course, there are also specialized bits of equipment if needed, but may cost a bit if your friend can't get some aid for purchasing.

Good luck to you both in finding something that works for him, it shouldn't have to be a fight for him to enjoy his system.

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