Keyboard key y either sticks or only registers if touched 2 or 3 times.

By 1906Doemel ·
I have removed the key cover and blew air but did not find anything obstructive.

Isn't there a set file somewhere that I can access and see if the "y" was accidentally put into a delay mode?


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Key damaged

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Keyboard key y either sti ...

Nothing in windows can configure one key to have a delay, the delay will be set to the whole keyboard.

Most probably some liquid spoiled into the keyboard, there is a special cleaner for electrical board, can be used for keyboards that **** some air (Nitrogen), this can help.

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buy a new keyboard, they are pretty inexpensive

by CG IT In reply to Keyboard key y either sti ...

if this is your work computer, have them buy a new one.

if you want to waste your time trying to be a computer tech and figure out if sticky keys have been turned on...

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The other thing that can happen here

by OH Smeg In reply to Keyboard key y either sti ...

Is that the Printed Circuit on the Substrate of the Flexible Keyboard membrane just wears out.

Once the contact/s are worn away there is no easy solution to fix this short of buying a new keyboard. Though on occasions I have used a special pen to redraw a track/contact to get a keyboard working again but that was only in remote locations where a replacement was not quickly available.


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