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    Keyboard light


    by egg. ·


    i bought this havit keyboard and the the lights indicating number, caps or scroll lock is on are kinda buggy. every now and then, the lights will freeze and wont turn off/on. if i restart the pc, that helps but sometimes i don’t have enough time for that. is there a way to fix this?

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      Return/ replace

      by 96vr46 ·

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      This things are mechanical and may tip off quite easily. There is not much option for troubleshooting this types of issues. I suggest a buy a keyboard from a reliable brand.

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      lights will freeze and wont turn off/on

      by naheed mir ·

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      It seems to be a mechanical issue and I will suggest checking it with an external keyboard.
      When the lights freezes and won’t turn off/on then do the keyboards keys work or not?

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      Reply To: Keyboard light

      by Willjoe24 ·

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      Right-click your keyboard and select “Uninstall.” Swipe your mouse pointer to the right side of your screen and click the Settings charm. Click “Power” and then select “Restart” to restart your computer. Windows will automatically reinstall the keyboard when your computer restarts


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        Re: Settings charm

        by kees_b ·

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        This seems to be typical for Windows 8. Why do you think the poster uses that OS?

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      keyboard light fixing

      by FloraaAna ·

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      If your PC keyboard has the backlit option, press the backlight key ou press and hold the Fn key then press the key with the backlight. If the keyboard turns back on, the problem is resolved. Otherwise, try the manipulation by choosing the safe mode boot option.

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