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keyboard lockup

By gchastine ·
Have a Gateway desktop. Keyboard does not work but mouse does. When trying to type a letter all I get is beeps from keyboard. I have also tried a USB keyboard but the same thing happens. No keyboard errors are showing up and the mouse and everything else on the computer works fine. Is the driver an issue or keyboard port on motherboard? Thank you for your help

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by TheChas In reply to keyboard lockup

Since you get the same error with a USB keyboard, that pretty much rules out a problem with the PS/2 port.

To eliminate a hardware problem, boot from a DOS floppy and see if you can just type letters on the screen at the DOS prompt.

If you can't type in DOS mode, check BIOS setup to verify that the keyboard is not disabled.

It sounds like a problem with the keyboard buffer.

Usually with the symptom of beeps upon keyboard entry, Windows has partially locked up.

Check device manager and see if you have any "?" or "!" marks next to any system devices or the keyboard itself.

Scan for both viruses and mal-ware.

Is there a software firewall on this PC?

If so, I guess it would be possible to block the port the keyboard uses.

A missing or corrupt system file could be the problem also.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to keyboard lockup

well, did you try swapping keyboard and mouse just to see if maybe you wired them wrong?
yeah, unless you happen to be testing with 2 bad keyboards. or unless it is win98 and no/broken usb support. or unless you have old at style keyboard port and are using an adapter that went bad...what os? anything else on usb on that machine? very high rate of failure in keyboards. can you get your hands on one that you know works and that fits in your current port connector without any adapters?
you can't rule out bad keyboard port yet imho. although i have seen it many times and it would not surprise me. rule it out with another keyboard that you know works just like the one you have now...the usb one can only be expected to work if you have win98se or better and known good usb support...your symptoms are those of stuck keys...or a short in the hardware on or on the way to motherboard...
you sure you don't have an adapter in play here that might be bad that you are using for the same keyboard. do you have at or ps2 or usb current keyboard? do lights on keyboard flash when detected at boot

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by LiamE In reply to keyboard lockup

Beeps sound like keyboard buffer to me too.

Is it an environment type problem? By that I mean is there something touching the keyboard? Is it pressed up to the monitor? Is the phone next to the keypad and the lead is on the keyboard? Are there lots of books on your desk etc etc....

Bear in mind that even something touching the keyboard very lightly is likely to cause problems.

Hope its that simple!

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