Keyboard malfunction & Windows Update!

By attrius ·

I have an IBM G41 laptop. Recently I reinstaled the factory recovery CD, meaning started all over again.
After reboot all my keyboard elements are working properly. However after 5 consecutive recoveries I realized that after I update my windows through the update process, some of the keys on my keyboard: "q, w, e, r, u, i, o, p" are not functioning. My experience would tell, that the windows update does something to the keyboard driver after the update happens. I even updated my BIOS, because IBM provides such things, too, but the problem persists...
I would appreciate if anyone could give me an answer ar in the best case a solution for the above mentioned problem.
Thank you.


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try re-installing the KB driver

by w2ktechman In reply to Keyboard malfunction & Wi ...

open device manager and **** away the keyboard driver, then select to 'find new HW'
Thi sshould re-install the KB.

If this does not work, try plugging in an external keyboard. Does the same thing happen?

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Keyboard's Killin Me

by tunapez In reply to try re-installing the KB ...

Starting new post, didn't make it into recent list...
Actually, it did, didn't see the Question/Discussion options on the right.
Newb here.

Howdy, allow me to ride the coat tails of this one rather than start another...

Same issue, different keys. External keyboard all keys work, but laptop keys g, h, -, f8, left-CTRL and PrtScr don't work in regular mode, safe mode or in dos. Reinstalled drivers and no luck still. Reload OS w/ XP Home disk(repartition/full NTFS Format) and they still don't work. However, if I boot into DOS w/ '98 recovery disk, repartition in DOS and then reload XP home, the keys work like a dream. Until the Updates, there are over 70 of them. Is there any known issues with updates in te last 60 days? I have been trying unsuccessfully to order a keyboard from ECS(GQ laptop, actually been working great for 2 years until this started within last 60 days), luckily they are quite inept at taking my money. Anyone have suggestions besides removing all 70 updates?

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