Keyboard Monitor Mouse Not Working - CMOS reset failed

By ne0m ·
Hello all, I've been working on this problem for a couple of days now and I just cannot figure out what's wrong. Here's the story:

Avast detected viruses within the system32\drivers folder -> deleted all "viruses"

Upon reboot, mouse + keyboard would not work. Keyboard worked at BIOS screen, mouse receiving power from PS/2 port.

After altering BIOS options to no avaail. Attempted BIOS reset via CMOS reset button (K9n SLI Platinum motherboard)

Now monitor is not working.

So, any ideas?

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Start off by clearing he BIOS as per the Destruction Manual

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Keyboard Monitor Mouse No ...

Then when you have cleared BIOS Correctly restart the unit and set the Date & Time in BIOS then save the changes when you exit BIOS and boot into Safe Mode.

Go to Device Manager in Safe Mode and remove the Keyboard and Mouse and then reboot the system. Allow it to boot normally and find new hardware and install the Default Keyboard & Mouse Drivers and follow any prompts from there.

That should cure the problem if the OS is not too badly corrupted.


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by .Martin. In reply to Keyboard Monitor Mouse No ...

reset BIOS, get windows CD, repair install windows.

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Thanks but..

by ne0m In reply to Keyboard Monitor Mouse No ...

Thanks for all the replies but that's not the essence of my problem. I was initially going to repair install, but I thought BIOS resetting would have been easier. However, after I tried the BIOS reset, I get no activity on my monitor and there lies the problem. The monitor used to work prior to the reset and only started to not get activity after I reset it. All I need at this point is to get my monitor working again so I can just repair install.

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Are you using on-board graphics?

by szester112000 In reply to Thanks but..

I think the simplest solution would simply be to find another graphics card for temporary use.

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by ne0m In reply to Are you using on-board gr ...

There is no on-board graphics for this motherboard. I do not think its the graphics card. It may be the motherboard itself, but I'm hoping someone has a different answer so I dont have to go buy a new one. I should've just done the repair install.

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No on board graphics

by szester112000 In reply to Negative

What motherboard are you using? I would say the next step would be to check the bios settings and make sure that the video output is being sent to the right device

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What you have to do here is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Negative

Clear the BIOS as per the Makers Rcomindation. This should include removing all Power from the Unit so Unplug the Mains not just turn off as this still leaves 5 V DC to create a ripple to turn the unit on. Then change the Jumper for the CMOS to Clear leave it there for 40 or so seconds and then replace it to the On or Original Position and then pug in the Mainds and turn on.

All else being equial the M'Board will now at the very least go to the POST Screen and halt with a Error the most likely one being that the Date & Time need setting.

The problem here is that you Have Not cleared the BIOS correctly so you need to Clear it so that you can start the unit.

Of cpourse if when you attempted to clear it you introduced a Static Discharge to the M'Board the M'Board will be toast but if you followed the Static Cotrol Directions in the Users Manual that shouldn't be an issue.


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What I did is...

by ne0m In reply to What you have to do here ...

Unplugged the power cord to the PSU.
Removed battery
Left computer unpowered overnight.
Replaced battery.
Hit the CMOS Clear button. (I have no jumpers, the K9N SLI Platinum utilizes a BIOS reset button for overclock failures)
I dont think I introduced a static discharge because all I did was touch a plastic button, and I even grounded myself to do that. I'm thinking of trying to start up without replacing the battery.

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As I still can not get onto MSI's Site

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What I did is...

Try disconnecting the Battery with no power present for about 30 to 40 seconds then replace the battery making sure to orientate it correctly and see if it works now.


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GFX Card

by GuitarPaul In reply to Are you using on-board gr ...

I think the CMOS reset would probably revert to using onboard graphics if your motherboard has that capability. If so then switch which the signal cable from the addon card to the built in. Keep us posted and give some more details.

__ Just read your other post and see there is no built in graphics card. Any chance you have an old PCI one laying around or know someone with one you could borrow?

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