Keyboard & Mouse do not work

By patwoman ·
The Presario computer with WinXP w/SP3 boots up with no errors but the mouse & keyboard do not respond. Pointer for mouse does not move. Keyboard does not do anything; even CTRL-ALT-DELETE has no effect. Cannot get into F2, F8 or F12. Computer boots up by power button; displays desktop. Can only turnoff by power button. What should I look for & where? I've got the hard drive in my Dell as a slave so I could work on this for my friend; she is legally blind so this is Pro-Bono. Thank you for your help!

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Keyboard and mouse

by soumyo.chatterjee In reply to Keyboard & Mouse do not w ...

wel, try to bot up your system using a windows XP CD and then check out if u r facing the same problem again or not. If not then re-install the windows XP SP3 or else get ur keyboard and mouse repaired

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Did you test......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Keyboard & Mouse do not w ...

... with a known good keyboard and mouse before pulling the drive out of her computer? If you can't even press F8 during boot and before Windows starts, it's not Windows causing the problem.

Pro-Bono for what? If you're in business to repair computers for other people and don't know enough to test something as obvious as this with other known good equipment before you take the drive out and move it to another computer, you won't be making much money very soon!

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by patwoman In reply to Did you test......

Yes I did test with a known good mouse & keyboard. Sorry I left out the obvious. She was working on her computer when her DSL disconnected. Windows said it lost the IP address & Windows could correct the problem. She ran that program & it was not able to resolve the issue. Then she got on the phone with Qwest DSL support & they told her to run the QwestCare program. After running that program, when she rebooted, the mouse & keyboard stopped responding.

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what type of keyboard and mouse

by El_Duce In reply to Keyboard & Mouse do not w ...

Are we talking usb or ps/2.

If it's ps/2, just plug out and back in when pc is off.

If it's usb, plug out and plug into another socket when pc is on and wait for max 2 minutes. If it doesn't work try a reboot once more or use ps/2 on boot.

When your friend used ps/2 and you are using usb things like this tend to happen

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by patwoman In reply to what type of keyboard and ...

Both mouse & keyboard are PS/2. If I can find/get some PS/2 to USB adapters, how can I make it recognize the keyboard & mouse on the USB ports? Modify the code to startup sequence? Thank you.

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