Keyboard & Mouse not working window xp

By jillzq ·
One day, while I was using the computer the keyboard and mouse stop working. They were both wireless, so of course replaced batteries. Still no green light coming on from the reciever. Switched to USB mouse/keyboard. It worked then bam it happen it again. They wouldn't work. Then my whole system crashed. I put in my cd to fix the error. They keyboard/mouse wouldn't work so I can't repair it. I can't do anything. Thought maybe something wrong with usb, so I plug usb HD in that worked. Is their a solution to this problem? Please help :)

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Have a look in your error logs

by NexS In reply to Keyboard & Mouse not work ...

Right click on my computer> manage and look in the event viewer.
try and find a correlating time to the faults and plug those errors into google.

If you have no luck, have a look in the device manager and see if there are any problems with your USB ports. (also try and use PS/2 mouse and keyboard to test)

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Right click

by jillzq In reply to Have a look in your error ...

I can't access the computer at all. Since the keyboard & mouse won't function. Nothing wrong with Keyboard & Mouse. I've both wireless & usb, tested them both on another computer. Its the computer. I need to know whats wrong with the computer so I can fix it

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Use PS/2 keyboard (nt)

by NexS In reply to Right click
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Quite often, after replacing the batteries

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Keyboard & Mouse not work ...

in a wireless keyboard & mouse you have to "reset" them....different models are done differently.

Many have both a reset button on the "base" unit & reset button on the mouse & keyboard as well.

Usually you have to press the reset button on the base first, then press the reset on the keyboard....then press the rest on the base again then press it on the mouse....usually there's little lights to indicate when the buttons should be pressed if it is a model that requires this procedure.

Have you checked the manufactures website for the model of your wireless devices? They usually have instructions for resetting them if their model requires it.

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by jillzq In reply to Quite often, after replac ...

Nothing wrong with the actual wireless keyboard/mouse. Its what Im using right now to type with on a different computer. Something is wrong with the computer.

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Re: Keyboard/Mouse

by mcleod_andre In reply to Keyboard/Mouse

I had a similar problem with a xp pro machine up to this morning, however, i was able to use the keyboard to set the computer to boot from cd. once i did that, i just repaired the OS, and it was good to go. Not sure if i can help you if you can't use the keyboard to boot from cd. What OS are you running?

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Re: Keyboard/Mouse

by jillzq In reply to Re: Keyboard/Mouse

Im using windows xp. This is really frusrating problem.

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Does your keyboard

by NexS In reply to Re: Keyboard/Mouse

Work inside the BIOS settings?
This will tell us whether the problem is hardware or software related.

But I have to say it again: Try Using a PS/2 Keyboard In You Computer

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Does your keyboard

by jillzq In reply to Does your keyboard

I don't have PS/2 Keyboard but I do have a converter, should I use that? My wireless reciever was plug in the the port where the keyboard ps/2 port was

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Yes, but will it work beforew the OS starts to load?

by seanferd In reply to Does your keyboard

Yes, you have been using the PS/2 port, so if that and USB don't work, something very odd is occurring.

Will the keyboard work, though, right at the BIOS POST or splash screen? You should be able to press a key or key combo to get you into BIOS setup. You have to be fast enough, or the OS will start to boot.

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