Keyboard Mouse Weirdness

By dstark ·
I have a client with the weirdest kb/mouse issue I have ever dealt with. It is a Microsoft Wireless Comfort KB 4000 and a Wireless Intellipoint Explorer 2.0 on a freshly reinstalled WinXP Pro, SP3 with ALL the updates. AVG antivirus and Malwarebytes have been run. During this "fresh" install, I did migrate the User Profile contents over from the backup. And the problem existed before the fresh install.

What happens
It is very intermittent. We've gone for a few days at a time without incident to having it occur several times a day. Here are some examples of what happens. In Outlook, viewing the InBox. Single click on a message to select it. Single click on a second message, now both are selected. Everything you click on from then on stays selected. Open a Word document and left click within a sentence and the entire word, or sentence, or paragraph will get selected. When you try to use the keyboard to select, deselect, or manuever around, the silliness continues. Words will display in all uppercase, even though caps lock is off. Try to type "sysloc.inf", you get "SYSLOC>INF" so you have to use the numeric decimal key for the "." and at one point today as the user was replying to an email message, it suddenly logged off and we couldn't log back in because the "u" key wouldn't respond. Every time you hit the "u" key, it brought up a "Narration" settings window.

Restarting is the only solution I have found that works.

Other things I have tried. In the order I have tried them.
Reinstalling Windows XP and all updates on a reformatted HD. (from original disks)
Reinstalling all apps from disks.
Updated Keyboard & Mouse drivers.
Turning off all accessibility features.
Using a brand new "wired" kb & mouse.

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Does this still happen before you import the Old User Profile?

by OH Smeg In reply to Keyboard Mouse Weirdness

It very much sounds like there is something wrong there.

What about Hot or Sticky Keys is anything like that installed?

For starters try a Live Linux and see if the problem persists with that running. If it does you have narrowed the problem down to Hardware and since there is a different Keyboard/Mouse involved with no difference I would be looking at the Keyboard Controller on the M'Board.



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