Keyboard Not Working In BIOS

By craigspowerlink ·
I am trying to repair a Presario SR2173WM. The owner informed me her daughter unplugged the PC while it was up and running, then plugged it back it. The hard drive was fried as a result. A new hard drive was purchased to begin rebuilding the PC. The pc wouldn't boot.

When entering the (PS2 Keyboard)BIOS by pushing the F10 key, I am able to enter the BIOS. Once in the BIOS, the keyboard stops working. The BIOS clock is running while this is happening. I have replaced the keyboard with a known good keyboard and the same thing happens. I have also tried a USB keyboard, but I am not able to do anything with it. I removed the CMOS battery and reseated it in attempting to reset the BIOS, but nothing has changed. I do get a message the BIOS has been reset.

I have also been unable to reinstall windows xp via the DVD drive. I get the message "checking windows..." but then the screen goes black and that's it.

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Sounds like bad MOBO

by robo_dev In reply to Keyboard Not Working In B ...

Sounds like a new MOBO may be needed.

Since the hard drive failed, sounds like a power surge got sent thru the whole PC and the 5Volt side of things on the motherboard lost a component or two.

After defaulting the BIOS, a USB keyboard should work just fine, so that is not a good sign. I'm sure you tried more than one USB port.

When the keyboard stops working, I assume that the caps-lock light goes out and/or stops responding to capslock switch?

From a technical standpoint, either it's not getting voltage, clock, or data, but that's not really relevant unless you're planning to do some component-level repair on the MOBO.

Pin 1 KBDAT (data)
Pin 2 not used
Pin 3 GND
Pin 4 VCC (+5V)
Pin 5 KBDCLK (clock)
Pin 6 not used

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Keyboard Not Working In BIOS

by craigspowerlink In reply to Sounds like bad MOBO

I would have to say yes. When the PC boots the lights on the keyboard blink on for a 1/2 second, and that's it. To get to the BIOS I have to push the F10 key repeatedly as soon as the PC is turned on. Also, I don't get the 3 beeps that normally sound off during post.

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Well I suppose you could try a Known Good PS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Keyboard Not Working In B ...

But if the M'Board isn't beeping then it isn't Posting and needs replacing.

If you really want to mess around I suppose you could try replacing the BIOS IC with one from a place like BIOSMAN here


But honestly if a Known Good PS doesn't cure this I wouldn't be bothered wasting any more time on it as the Labor Costs will very quickly exceed the cost of a New M'Board and still not have a working computer.


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Keyboard Not Working In BIOS

by craigspowerlink In reply to Well I suppose you could ...

Well, thanks for the advise. I'm going to call this PC a Wash. I'll inform the owner of the bad news.

Thanks for everyone's input though.

Much appreciated!

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Your Welcome < NT >

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Keyboard Not Working In B ...

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