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Keyboard Problem

By makbar ·
hi everyone,

I ve got a problem with my laptop using winxp. I cant type some letters like backspace, h ,g,. But it works sometimes while using . i suspect there are some virus.

Please advice!


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by yargls In reply to Keyboard Problem

Are the letters just not typeing, or are you getting what appears to be random numbers/symbols?

If you're getting the random stuff, make sure your FN lock key hasn't been pressed (can't tell you which one that is). Most laptops have a second function on their left of center keys to replace the missing numeric keypad.

Do you have the problem in safe mode?

If you think it's a virus, go to

and run a scan.


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by ctrservices In reply to Keyboard Problem

First, make sure your keyboard drivers are correct. Reinstall them (it?) from the CD or download off the mfg web site.

If you still have the problem, make sure your virus and spyware scanners are up-to-date and scan with them in Safe Mode, deleting anything found. Rescan to make sure they come up with zero infections.

Reinstall the OS as a last resort.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Keyboard Problem

Most NB Keyboard problems come from having the things like Scroll Lock, Number Lock and similar keys turned on. This happens quite a lot after using an external Keyboard as the NB stays at the same setting as what it was at when unplugged from the keyboard.

If you are getting absolutely nothing when you press the keys in question then the most likely thing is that the Keyboard is shot and needs replacing to test this one out plug in an external Keyboard and see if that works properly if it does then the problem is with the NB's Keyboard and you do not have any infections.

If you still have the same problem install Spy Bot S&amp and Ad Aware update them as well as your AV program and boot into safe mode and run scans. Remove anything that is picked up and then rerun the scan again until it comes up clean, you should also run your AV Scan at the same time in Safe Mode as it's far more likely to be able to remove any offending infections.

Recently for some reason I've had a run on NB keyboards and I've had to replace several of them all have been faulty.


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by Blackcurrant In reply to Keyboard Problem


Have you also tried cleaning your keyboard?

Good luck

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by pchaillet In reply to Keyboard Problem

We are now in 2008 and I have the same problem on a French Asus laptop keyboard: h, g and backspace are not working. It is not a key problem since with capslock and shift/h, g or backspace we can get the correct letter or action. I just change my hard disk and it disappears, only to come back 2 weeks latter... So it may be a virus not detected by Norton. Any idea ?

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