Keyboard problem at Vista login page.

By rachelfriends ·

My HP Laptop Keyboard is not working on login - Vista
I am using a HP Pavilion laptop. However, when I booted it up yesterday, I could not enter my password. Only a few keys on the keyboard were recognized - very few keys.
The same thing happened when I tried to connect to an external keyboard, hence I am not able to login to my Vista because I can't key in my password at the login screen.

Appreciate some advise and solution please? Thank you!

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If you have previously used an External Keyboard

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Keyboard problem at Vista ...

Did you turn off the unit with the Number Lock on?

If you did you first need to turn it off on the Keyboard either the NB's keyboard before it becomes fully functional again.

If that's not the issue what did you do the last time that this was working?

If it's not related to the Num Lock it has to be related to something that you have done before turning off.


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Didn't turn off the unit with the num lock on.

by rachelfriends In reply to If you have previously us ...

I didn't turn off the unit with the num lock on. The only thing I did on the day before it happened, is to pluck in the camera cable to the laptop to store photos from the camera direct to the external hard drive, then I did a safe removal of this USB drive before quitting Vista.
The next day, I am not able to login to Vista anymore, it is stuck at the login page because the keyboard keys have gone haywire, and most keys are not functioning. 'H' key is working as a 'backspace' function and 'M' key is working as 'Enter' function. Please advise. I tried to do a system restore with my installation CD, but it is not working too. Is there a way to remove the password to login Vista? Can you advise what should I do now? Thank you!

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Well then it seems that you are suffering a Hardware Failure

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Didn't turn off the unit ...

You should contact the IT Department or the System Maker for a solution here.

Not much you can do at that point as USB Keyboards do not work till after the OS is running.
Though maybe you could try starting in Safe Mode and logging in to the Administrator Account if that is not being used. Of course if it is being used or has a Password on it you'll be back in the same boat you are now.


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Try a Hard Reset

by Jacky Howe In reply to Keyboard problem at Vista ...

Shut the system down and remove the power cord. Remove the Battery and then press and hold the Power Button for 30 seconds. Insert the Battery and plug the power cord back in and see if that will help.

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