Keyboard problem (SHIFT keys)

By courtneykmoore ·
I just got a new HP laptop computer at work. For some reason when I hit both shift keys together at the same time, along with the question mark (?) key, I get the following character:?P
A question mark with a P. The same thing happens if I hit the shift key along with the < or> symbols, but with different letters: <I>O<I>O<I>O?P?P?P?P?P. This is frustrating, because I apparently have always hit both shift keys at the same time when putting a ? in. I guess I can break the habit if necessary, but can someone tell me why this is happening? I had another HP before that never did this, and I have a DELL laptop at home that doesn't do that either. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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What size are your hands ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Keyboard problem (SHIFT k ...

I only ask because it's about the only thing I can think of.

I've just tried to do what you describe but it is REALLY DIFFICULT. All I've been getting is either '?' or '/' as it should be.

Why would you even think of touching the LEFT SHIFT when '?' + 'R Shift' are as close together as can be, on the other side of the keyboard?

"For some reason when I hit both shift keys together at the same time, along with the question mark (?) key, I get the following character:?P A question mark with a P."

I have serious concerns by your use of the word 'HIT'. I would have thought 'tap' or 'press' would have conveyed a better picture.

If, however, you do actually 'HIT' your keys and have always HIT both shift keys together (a practice that I, quite honestly, find astonishing) you may have exerted excess pressure on what is basically a fairly flimsy, lightweight, membrane underneath the laptop keyboard, thereby doing it some damage.

The fact that you have done this to two other laptops without any significant problem could be more luck than anything else.

<Edited for typo>

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No need to be mean...

by courtneykmoore In reply to What size are your hands ...

My hands are small. I am a fast typer, and for some reason I have always pressed both shift keys (one with my left pinky and the other with my right) when I hit the ? symbol. I don't know why, it's just a habit. But it does bother me that it happens when I do it, when it has not happened before. And I do not "HIT" the keys as you suggest- it is just a word. If you prefer the word press, well that is what I do. There is no damage to any keys.

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by RooBee81 In reply to No need to be mean...

He is just like that. I learned and so will everyone else. Honestly, maybe you need to take your comp in and have it serviced. If it is bothering you that much, it is a quite an odd problem, take it to an expert. I tried to see if my keyboard would do it and all I get is a question mark. Sound like there is an internal problem with your keyboard. Did you spill anything on it?

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by courtneykmoore In reply to lol

No, I didn't spill anything on it- I just got a new computer yesterday. It's just weird that it is happening. I guess I can just change the habit, but I just wondered why it did that. If I try to hold both SHIFT keys down while typing the alphabet it does a bunch of goofy things as well- very strange. Here is the alphabet holding down both shift keys: ABCEDCEFGH<IJKLMUN>O?PZQVRSTMUVRXWXWYZQ
That is honestly just from typing the 26 letters of the alphabet!

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If you bought into a typing course . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to keyboard

I'd be asking for a 'full refund (sic)!

As to damage to the keys: the damage from any ham-fisted typing maneuvres won't show on the surface. I'm not suggesting you are anything like The HULK, leaving cracks and splinters where once there were keyboard keys.

I was suggesting that the rather fragile membrane (actually THREE plastic sheets with a circuit printed on TWO of them, separated by a thin interleaf) beneath the keyboard might have suffered some degree of trauma.

I'm glad that 'HIT' is just an unfortunate turn of phrase for you, however - the action of pressing both shift keys simultaneously could have placed undue stress on what is basically an inherently flexible component.

Having looked at the example of your 'shifted' alphabet I've never known a keyboard interpreter chip to throw a wobbly quite like this, therefore I reckon the keyboard is SNAFU.

Maybe the computer is just 'new' to you, but as a corporate item is secondhand?

The problem may just be one that you have inherited and perhaps explains its sudden appearance in the pool.

Keyboard definitely requires replacement.

<Edited for typos [not caused by either shift key])

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This is a problem on HP computers

by gcbragg In reply to If you bought into a typi ...

I've noticed the same thing on my HP system - when I hold down both shift keys and press the "?" I get ?P instead. The keyboard is NOT damaged, it's done this since the day I got it. I'm guessing that this is probably a bug in HP's keyboard driver. I haven't seen it reported for other manufacturers yet.

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"I'm guessing that this is probably a bug in HP's keyboard driver"..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to This is a problem on HP c ...


So - you're guessing it's a bug in the HP keyboard driver. You're obviously thinking that you and the OP have THIS in common, are you ?

Well, I reckon there is a far more likely cause: you each use both 'Shift' keys simultaneously.

Perhaps you both went to the same Heath-Robinson School of Typing too!

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It's not just the ? character

by gcbragg In reply to Keyboard problem (SHIFT k ...

Try typing the alphabet with both SHIFT keys pressed at the same time. I get:

This is NOT just an HP problem (as I erroneously state below) - many manufacturers have similar, but not identical, issues with their keyboards when both shift keys are simultaneously pressed.

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Try out an old 'clamshell' mechanical typewriter, and ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to It's not just the ? chara ...

You will see that when you depress one Shift key - the other depresses with it. This is because they are both connected mechanically.

Thus - anyone who doesn't know much about ultra-modern electronic keyboards (like laptop ones) ~and old typing instructors~ STILL teach the old, hard and fast, typing methods. Getting into the habit of pressing both Shift keys together, stems from these old typewriters.

For years now, I've seen Secretaries and Typists using exactly this odd method of keystrokes. Secretaries and Typists though, are using industrial strength keyboard - not laptops.

However, watch a Compositor or a Phototypesetter at a keyboard and the technique is completely different.

Sadly those that hammer both Shift keys simultaneously, do it without thinking and also without giving due thought to the trauma they are exerting on what is basically a lightweight, inherently flimsy, non-mechanical keyboard. A keyboard where both Shift keys do not depress in unison when you press just one of them. But a keyboard that is likely to flex due to the pressures being applied at both ends of its lightweight frame.

No wonder these erroneous keys alphabetic characters begin to appear on the screen - the typist has pummelled the poor thing into submission and imminent death.


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