Keyboard Problem

By nihaar ·
I have a Dell Studio XPS laptop. My keyboard types the function with the CTRL key even when I dont press it. for eg. as I am typing T right now, the New Tab window was opening. same is with H (opens History) and F (opens Favourites). This inspite of me not pressing the CTRL key. I have run the diagnostics but the results were ok. Pls help asap. My computer is just a week old.

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try pressing the CTRL key

by .Martin. In reply to Keyboard Problem

if you pres both a couple of times it may fix it, in which case it is just the CTRL keys sticking

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plug in an external keyboard to quickly identify if it is a software issue

by robo_dev In reply to Keyboard Problem

there are some accessibility features in Windows that can do odd things.

If it is a stuck key, and it were my laptop, I would pop off the keyboard key and make sure that nothing is sticking.

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Only problem with popping the key...

by C F USA In reply to plug in an external keybo ...

is while you would do that (as would I,) with the system being a week old, it would kill the warranty. Not knowing his situation, if it is a stuck key, I would definately try the external keyboard. If that works, then without the external, try the "tap a couple times trick", to see if it comes undone.

If not, contact place of sale. Minor now, but if left unchecked, it could be something worse?

just my .02

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Laptops don't always HAVE 'poppable keys' ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to plug in an external keybo ...

My ACER's backslash key decided one day to 'pop off' of its own accord. That was well over a year ago and I have yet to figure out a means of having it remain in place ever since.

Lots of laptops have their keys adhering to a little rubber nipple. Unfortunately most glues known to man are inherently solvent-based which is instant death for the little rubber nipple.

Probably best NOT to pop it off - it might never go back on, and as has been mentioned, it ain't gonna do the warranty much good either.

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