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keyboard problems

By dac2068 ·
I have a HP zt1150 laptop computer and i am running windows xp professional on it. The problem i'm having is that certain keys occasionally dont work. It is mainly certain vowels and things like the directional keys and the delete keys. Some people have said it is the keyboard but i beleive its some type of virus, as when i type at times it works then after a while those certain keys will stop working its like after i type a letter someone just hit the backspace key and deleted the last letter.

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by dac2068 In reply to keyboard problems

Also I have scanned the drive with Norton 2005 antivirus and have found no known virues or trojans, but i am still positive it is some trojan or virus affecting this computer, it got so bad that i permanently disabled my password log in, because i was unable to type in my password for weeks.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to keyboard problems

Well there are 2 obvious answers the first one is to connect an external keyboard to the LT and see if that gives you problems as well if it doesn't you have a part way worn out Keyboard which is not really at all uncommon.

Or you can run it in DOS mode by inserting a Windows 98 Boot Disk and see if you still have the same trouble with the Keyboard either will work but using an external keyboard will most likely be the easiest for you as you can continue working to see if the problem persists and you can pick up a new one for only a few $.

Lets know how you get on.


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by j.mcmillen In reply to keyboard problems

You may want to either take the suspect keytops on (carefully some can break) and clean underneath. I know with the acer laptops this is a very big problem. Other than that it may actually be the connection between the keyboard and the mainboard which you would need a certified repair centre to check.

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by Lizzy In reply to keyboard problems

Can you reproduce the problem in Safe Mode? I think this may indeed be more of a keyboard issue than a trojan since you have scanned with NIS 2005, hopefully with the latest definitions.

My advice is to back up all of your data as soon as you can since you are experiencing these problems.

Once that is done, if you reinstall from scratch and still have the problem, then you will know for sure that it's hardware and not software (virus, trojan, etc.).

Good luck and let us know what solved your issue!

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