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By lana.berg ·
How do I remove the FN function on my laptop

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Removing FN function?

by wrleeii In reply to keyboard problems

It is not clear what you mean. the FN button is not a standard windows button... it is laptop specific. Because of the reduced space used for the keyboard and some of the additional functions used for a laptop, there are not enough physical keys to represent all the functions. Many (most?) laptop manufacturers have added a FN (aka function) shift-key allow additional functionality from the same set of keys.

If you find that the FN key gets in your way, then you can pop the key-cap off and see if you prefer that. It might be difficult to get to the other functions that it allows you to shift to, of course.


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If the FN key is causing you problems, I suggest ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to keyboard problems

That you smarten up your typing skills or at least alter/adjust them to prevent the FN key being a problem.

Laptop users (myself included) tend to adopt a fairly sedate, some might even say 'slovenly' approach to typing. Hands flopping around and about the keybaord fascia of the laptop, sometimes with the wrists lying over the portions of the top fascia to the left and the right of the touchpad - one of the main problems being that the FN key gets inadvertently pressed, almost unnoticed, and mistyping ensues.

Perhaps if you were to look at the screen more of the time you might avoid this problem, OR as I say - improve your general typing habits/skills.

If you truly find it an habitual disaster area, try buying an external USB keyboard. It's not got an FN key and the keys are far better spaced out anyway.

As for permanently disabling the FN key, I would advise against that option, because at some point you'll need to switch between monitors, or suddenly mute your sound output, or find your HOME key - none of which will then be available to you.

I love my ageing Acer laptop dearly (it has served me well for over 3 years now) and still performs after a new hard drive and the loss of the '| \' key, but in all that time I cannot honestly say that the FN key ever really got in the way. I DO know that there were several times when I would have missed it though.

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