keyboard removal

By davery5872 ·
I have an Evo N1015v laptop with a sticking keyboard. Can anyone tell this newbie how to remove the keyboard to clean/ replace?

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Replacement is not that easy

by mjd420nova In reply to keyboard removal

First you have to remove the battery, then all the screws on the back side of the unit. Turn the unit right side up, open it and remove the top plastic panel around the keyboard. There are two screws that hold the keyboard in place, near the top. Replacements are pretty cheap $30. From the mfgr. Clean?? I don't think you can. I've tried and only ended up destroying it, so had to replace it anyway.

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The above poster is correct in replacing the Keyboard

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to keyboard removal

But what makes you think that you have a sticking key?

I've seen quite a few of these units and in every case where a letter or number keeps being repeated it's been the Keyboard Interface where the problem has been. Before you go ordering a replacement Keyboard you should remove the current keyboard plug in an external one and then test the unit that way just to make sure that the Keyboard is the real problem. The service Manual and some other reference manuals are located here

I also always run this test on a Live Linux just to make sure that there is nothing wrong with a Windows Install that is causing the problem. A Live Linux runs off a CD in virtual Memory and doesn't affect an already installed OS in any way but it's an excellent test to make sure that you don't have a software problem that is causing what appears to be a hardware problem.

You can buy or download a copy of any Live Linux that you like from this site

Depending on what you want to do Puppy Linux is Small and a fast Download and Knoppix STD Linux is a full replacement Desktop that can allow you to read a Windows Partition so if you need to save any data or change a password this would be a better alternative.


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evo n610c keyboard replacemen

by cfwinner In reply to The above poster is corre ...

i think you may be onto my own problem with the keyboard sometimes places "zzzz"'s in text input fields or sometimes when i hit a key that is "mapped" as a hot key for some application (not being used) it does weird things (like activate the speak mimicking/playback keyboard input). i have been using an attached keyboard to at least get around the problem when the laptop keyboard itself is completely useless, but the problems haven't gone away and when it happens i just reboot. So, i think you may be right about the keyboard interface being the culprit. How do i fix that or is that even possible?

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Something to investigate

by Oz_Media In reply to evo n610c keyboard replac ...

I had several Evo Notebook users that had similar, not identical, issues and the problem was an Accessibility option.

Check for sticky keys, not keys with jam on them but an applet in the control panel.

Sticky keys allow people with dexterity issues to use the CTRL+ 'any key' command without holding Control down as well.

Generaly it is actuvated when a key is held a long time, often when playing a game an arrow gets held down for a few seconds and it activates the sticky key command.

Just food for thought, check your acecessibility options and perhaps the CTRL or ALT command is being automatically executed.

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