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    Keyboard shift key on/off problem???


    by doduff ·

    Hi, I have done some testing and here is what is going on:

    My right shift key… when I press and hold it, it “turns on” but then “turns off” right away. In the sense that a key is on when it is being held down, so that I may want to type in capitals.

    It always registers on the first push, but doesn’t hold the shift function always when the key is held down.

    However if I press another key to get its “shifted character”, it doesn’t work the first time, but does the second time… like this:

    ->press shift and hold: hit d-key, gives “d”(but this switches the shift key on, wtill holding it down), hit d-key again, gives “D”.

    Also if I just hit and hold shift, it goes on and goes off instantly as usual, but if I hold it for say 3 seconds, it eventually comes back “on”.

    Using keyboard testing software, the on/off time ranges from 20-80ms, and the time it takes to come back on while holding it down ranges from 3-7 seconds.

    Any ideas? I have tried reinstalling keyboard and touchpad drivers and the complete PCI bus. I have check “filter keys”, “toggle keys”, and “sticky keys” and they all seem to be off.

    Computer: Win XP Pro, Dell E1505, 2G, Intel core2duo 1.6, and various other hardware ammendments.

    Best, D

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      by doduff ·

      In reply to Keyboard shift key on/off problem???


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      Turn off StickyKeys….

      by thumbsup2 ·

      In reply to Keyboard shift key on/off problem???

      To change StickyKeys options

      StickyKeys is designed for people who have difficulty holding down two or more keys simultaneously. When a shortcut requires a key combination, such as CTRL+P, StickyKeys will enable you to press a modifier key (CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT), or the Windows logo key, and have it remain active until another key is pressed.

      Open Accessibility Options.

      On the Keyboard tab, under StickyKeys, click Settings. Do one of the following:

      To use the shortcut that allows you to turn StickyKeys on or off by by pressing the SHIFT key five times, select the Use shortcut check box.

      To specify that when a modifier key (CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT), or the Windows logo key is pressed twice in succession, the key will remain active until the key is pressed again, under Options, select the Press modifier key twice to lock check box.

      To turn off StickyKeys when a modifier key (CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT), or the Windows logo key and another key are pressed simultaneously, under Options, select the Turn StickyKeys off if two keys are pressed at once check box.

      To play a tone to indicate when a modifier key (CTRL, ALT, or SHIFT), or the Windows logo key is pressed, locked, or released, under Notification, select the Make sounds when modifier key is pressed check box.
      To display an icon for StickyKeys on the taskbar when StickyKeys is turned on, under Notification, select the Show StickyKeys status on screen check box.


      To open Accessibility Options, click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Accessibility Options.

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        sticky tried

        by doduff ·

        In reply to Turn off StickyKeys….

        I have messed with sticky keys a bit. It seems to be off, as do all other accesibility options. I can tap the shift key five times and all taps register, and sticky keys asks to be turned on.

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      Different keyboard?

      by bizzo ·

      In reply to Keyboard shift key on/off problem???

      Does it work the same with the left shift key?
      Have you tried a different keyboard?
      Have you tried your keyboard on another system?
      It might be that the contacts for the right shift have become damaged, so don’t always go on when you press it and don’t always go off when you release it.

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        only right shift, tried USB

        by doduff ·

        In reply to Different keyboard?

        I am waiting for a new keyboard from dell to try that. I haven’t tried this keyboard with another system. A USB keyboard worked fine on my laptop. The right shift key is the only key with problems. I find it unlikely to be dirt or contact damage, since it is a predictable phenomenon. It does the quick on/off thing until I hit it a few times to get it to work normally. Then it works normally for several presses and then resets back to messed up mode.

        What a mystery… hopefully the new keyboard will solve this. Does the keyboard have a microchip in it that could be damaged?

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          RE : [i]Does the keyboard have a microchip in it that could be damaged?

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to only right shift, tried USB

          No it doesn’t but a Carbon Contact could be shot as the problem isn’t occurring with a external Keyboard.

          The contacts and Tracks in these Keyboards are printed onto a flexible film which does fail over time.

          Just to test this out try a Live Linux in the Optical Drive and if the problem persists it’s the Keyboard. If it works correctly it’s the OS and Associated Driver at fault here. If you don’t have a Live Linux you can either walk into the nearest Newsagent and buy a Linux Mag with a Cover Disc on it with a Live Linux or download one from here


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      by doduff ·

      In reply to Keyboard shift key on/off problem???

      problem solved… the shift key was indeed bad.

      I downloaded keyborad test software and what was happening, is the shift key was registering with every push, but would do a fast “on-off” thing even if it was pressed and held. Dell sent a new keyboard and it works perfectly.

      Thanks to everyone who replied with suggestions!

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