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Keyboard shortcut to follow formula-generated hyperlinks in excel?

By trasheurfou ·
I have an excel file with many formula-generated hyperlinks. Instead of clicking them, I would prefer opening them with a keyboard shortcut so I made a macro :

Sub followMyLink()
End Sub

which works for cells in which the hyperlink was built using ctrl+k, but not when the hyperlink is the result of a formula such as :


Running followMyLink on such a cell fails because it doesn't have any hyperlinks associated to it.

I know I could build a macro that would do the "IF" test AND follow the link, but I'd rather the two functions be separate.

Any help appreciated!

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Flip it around

by Bizzo In reply to Keyboard shortcut to foll ...

An example that seems to work:
=HYPERLINK(IF(<test>,""," "))

Although this doesn't allow you to give different "friendly names" to the link/nolink.

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by trasheurfou In reply to Flip it around

Thanks a lot Bizzo, it works indeed and it's a lot better than nothing. =)

I'll do it this way for now, but I'm still interested in a way that would save me the work of manually modifying all my formulas.

So if anyone's got an idea I'm taking it !

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by trasheurfou In reply to thanks

up ^_^

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