Keyboard types uppercase when caps lock not on

By joshuakmbl ·
Keyboard types uppercase when caps lock not on and types lowercase when I hold down the shift key, again with caps lock not on. Even types out the symbols above the numbers like caps lock is on or shift key being held. It does the opposite of what it is supposed to do. Just started recently and it's a laptop.

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I can almost guarantee what's happened here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Keyboard types uppercase ...

Plug in that External Keyboard that was being used and turn off the Caps Lock and things should be back to normal.


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Same Problem, BUT No external keyboard

by cdoubleu99 In reply to I can almost guarantee wh ...

I am having the same problem but I have never used an external keyboard. The problem usually happens right after I boot up the computer or if it has been on stand-by for a while. Any ideas on how to stop this from happening??

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Try loading a Live Linux

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Same Problem, BUT No exte ...

And see if the problem persists. If it does you have a hardware problem which could be a faulty keyboard but is more likely to be the Keyboard IO Interface.

If the problem doesn't happen with Linux running off a CD then you have a Windows problem with your keyboard drivers.

If you like you should be able to walk into any Newsagent and get a Linux Mag with a Live Linux as a cover CD or if you want the flexibility of being able to use a Live Linux to repair Windows Problems then I suggest that you either download or buy a copy of Knoppix STD which is available from here.


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I'll try that

by joshuakmbl In reply to Keyboard types uppercase ...
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Dell 620 laptop Keyboard types in upper case with Caps lock NOT on

by kandy2kane In reply to Keyboard types uppercase ...

Hi, I'm having this same issue on a number of Dell 620 machines. Issue is sporatic. Sometime it happens and sometimes it doesn't. Keyboard would all of the sudden type in upper case, when the CAPS lock is not on. Even more strange, is when you press one of the number on the number rows on top, the symbols comes out, like if the shift key is stuck. In addition, when I click on 1 file to select it, it selects all the files. Like i'm selecting multiple files, but I only want to select just 1. Only a reboot temporary fixes the problem. then it just randomly comes back.

Anyone have Any suggestions?

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sounds like Sticky Keys is turned on...

by sgt_shultz In reply to Dell 620 laptop Keyboard ...

look in Control Panel/Accessibility Options

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sticky keys are off and disabled.

by kandy2kane In reply to sounds like Sticky Keys i ...

Thanks for you reply. But the sticky key feature is off and disabled.

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You could also have a Windows Problem

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Dell 620 laptop Keyboard ...

So it wouldn't hurt to try a Live Linux and see if the problem persists. If it dose you have a Faulty Keyboard Interface and need a new M'Board for each of the affected machines.

You can download a Live Linux from here and boot off the CD without affecting your installed OS in any way and it's a good Hardware Test.

If you want something quick & fast Puppy Linux will do nicely to test several machines on but if you want a tool that you can use to repair Windows Installations with Knoppix STD would be your best choice.


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by blastocyst04 In reply to Keyboard types uppercase ...

try this steps first, if you have another keyboard, try use it in your computer. maybe your keyboard is damaged so you have need to replace it.

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Seems to be an issue with Dell 620

by kandy2kane In reply to replace

It seems to be an issue with Dell 620. Other users are having this problem as well. Some suggested replacing the external PS2 keyboard with a USB keyboard and it worked for them.

My scenario is similar, all the people that are having this issue are using PS2 keyboards. The users with Dell 620 that are not having this issue have USB keybaords. Even though we tried giving the user a new laptop, and with another PS2 keyboard, the issue would still re-appear. Didn't think it would be a USB/PS2 issue.

Going to try and replace the keyboards with USB keyboards and see if the issue comes back for those users. I'll keep you posted on the result.

Want to thank all that respondes. This is my 1st time using this Forum, and it has been very helpful, you have been very helpful.


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