Keys Keep Quitting...

By jack8beans2 ·
My keys on my laptop just keep stopping.First,it was onr,then another etc until now only 9 keys work.Is there anything I can do or is my laptop just dying on me LOL.It is only a year old.Any answer would help me a lot.Thanks.

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A couple of things

by Jacky Howe In reply to Keys Keep Quitting...

PassMark KeyboardTest?
You could try removing the Keyboard and reconnecting the cable. Or you can replace it.
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Replaced Keyboard

by jack8beans2 In reply to A couple of things

Hi thank you for your help.I just decided to buy a new wireless keyboard since it was my laptop computer that the keys are messed up on.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Replaced Keyboard

is working to your satsfaction then.

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Replacing a notebbook keyboard is one step short of routine maintenance.

by 1bn0 In reply to Keys Keep Quitting...

a bad notebook kwyboard is a common enough problem.

Replacements are not usually hard to get and fairly straightforward to remove and install.

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Thank you

by jack8beans2 In reply to Replacing a notebbook key ...

Hi thank you for the information.I called the company I got the computer from and they wanted to charge me $80.00 for just 3 keys.I thought it was outrageous so I just went out and bought a wireless keyboard and set it on top of my laptop keyboard.It was on $20.00.I appriciate your help though.

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Post deleted

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Keys Keep Quitting...
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You need to test your Hardware before doing anythign here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Keys Keep Quitting...

It could be either a Software or Hardware problem here so you need to test your Hardware first.

Ideally try plugging in an external Keyboard and see if that works for starters if it does your Software Load is OK and you need to replace the Keyboard.

If it doesn't fix the problem you need to run a different OS instead of your native OS so try a Live Linux. These run off a CD not a HDD and you can boot them so they are ideal for testing purposes you can either get one as a Cover Disc on a Linux Mag at your local Newsagent or download one from here

After you get a Live Linux boot off the Disc and when Linux Opens open a Word document and test every letter on your Keyboard. If it works now the OS needs to be repaired or reloaded but if it doesn't test with an external Keyboard again. If it works now the Keyboard needs replacing and your OS needs to be repaired/reloaded.

If it doesn't work now the Keyboard Interface on the M'Board is shot and you need to either replace the M'Board or the NB if it is no longer covered by any garantee. If it is covered by a garantee backup all of your Data and return it to the Makers Nominated Service Agent.


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